Power and Energy Monitoring

Our monitoring products are available in a range of hardware and software packages that can help you to combine your multi-channel control and communications alongside alarm management and intelligent data logging.

With the added attraction of our on-board web servers we can offer you direct access to your system information via a web browser. This eliminates the need for additional SCADA software or HDMI displays which in turn will save your company money.

Our Remote Telemetry Units (RTU's) utilise push technology to initiate your message transmissions, this simplifies your networking requirements as no polling is required.

Within your RTU your alarm reports, historical logs, trends and web pages can be easily maintained locally in real time.
Having access to live information can allow your Operations staff to respond quickly to changes as they happen and with access to historical data you can easily identify areas for improvement.

Generic applications include:

  • Building Energy usage and Greenhouse gas reporting.
  • HVAC back up monitoring and alarming.
  • Solar panel array performance.
  • Tidal electrical generator performance.
  • Data Centre Power system and backup systems.
  • Fuel Delivery and storage systems.
  • Electricity Grid line capacity monitoring.
  • Gas Well head production and environmental monitoring.

Being able to Access your local data online can help monitor real time progress on the following conditions:

  • Alarm status.
  • Auto/manual.
  • Electronic diagnostics codes.
  • Tank levels.
  • Load/unload status.
  • On/off/running/stopped status.
  • Pressures.
  • Power output.
  • Speed.
  • UPS/back-up battery status.
  • Temperatures.
  • Vibration.
  • Voltage.

For any security concerns you can access online data to monitor progress on the following conditions:

  • Access granted or denied.
  • Doors / hatches / fuel cap opened/closed.
  • Key code entered.
  • Local PC plugged-in.
  • Location via GPS.
  • Motion detector.
  • Video.

Our alarm management system can inform multiple people and/or systems for events such as:

  • Battery failure.
  • Location change GPS report.
  • Diagnostics code indications.
  • Emergency shut-down.
  • High or low pressure.
  • High or low temperature.
  • High vibration.
  • Main power failure.