The TBox TG2 is an Internet-ready TeleControl gateway for wireless automation and monitoring of fixed or mobile assets. The self-contained system gives you everything you need to create high-performance yet economical automation and monitoring installations.

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    Real-time mobile access to remote assets and processes

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    Collect and aggregate data

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    Device independent web pages using dynamic visualisations

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    Save engineering time without the need for complex programming

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    Reduce asset downtime through speedier response

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    Lower maintenance costs

  • Security
  • Alarms
  • Data Logging
  • I/O
  • Communications


All TBox devices and connected assets are protected by a state-of-the-art cyber security suite with authentication, encryption, firewall, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, SMTPS SFTP/FTPS and VPN.


Alarm management

The TBox TG2 smart alarm functionality enables the TBox TG2 to send multimedia messaging, utilising recipient groups, escalation rules and shift management. Without waiting for a poll, the TBoxTG2 initiates messages via email, FTP, and SMS text to immediately notify users of alarms and the live condition of their remote assets. Recipients can then acknowledge alarms and initiate logic operations from their smart phones or tablet.

Alarm management

Smart Data Logging

Special routines configurable within the TBox TG2 only log the necessary events with their appropriate time stamps. Reports in CSV, text, or XML formats are quickly configured using Servelec’s Report Studio and are readily available via email attached files and FTP.

Smart Data Logging

Inputs and outputs

The TBox TG2 is a variation of the TBox LT2 but without process input and output points. If the application requires the remote telemetry unit to have analogue or discrete inputs and outputs then the TBox LT2 should be used. Both the TBox TG2 and TBox LT2 benefit from expandable inputs and outputs by adding the TBox RM2 compact remote I/O expansion module to the application.

Inputs and outputs

Communications Configurations

The TBox TG2 has five communication ports including:

  • RS-232 for local configuration and programming
  • RS-485 for field device networking
  • Ethernet for IP networking, local configuration, and programming
  • USB 2.0 host
  • 3G modem
Communications Configurations

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TBox LT2

The powerful self-contained TBox LT2 integrates advanced automation, web server, alarm notification, data logging with Ethernet and wireless communications in a single, rugged module.

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TBox Nano

The TBox Nano is a ultra-low power, self-contained, battery operated data logger, RTU and machine-to-machine (M2M) transmitter.

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