With TBox devices innovative push and multi-platform web server technologies open up new automation possibilities. Users have complete real-time access, to monitor and control applications with their mobile devices and PCs - anytime and anywhere. The TBox range includes a compact all-in-one device, an advanced modular platform and an ultra-low power telemetry unit and data logger designed for use in the most remote locations that lack commercial power. The TBox range of devices is supported by cloud-based programming and configuration software tools enabling cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) connections.

TBox Nano

The TBox Nano is a ultra-low power, self-contained, battery operated data logger, RTU and machine-to-machine (M2M) transmitter. The TBox Nano:


  • Enables machine-to-machine communication
  • Makes the inaccessible assets, accessible
  • Removes the need for multiple devices
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Safeguards your remote assets
  • Reduces asset downtime through speedier response
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TBox LT2

The powerful self-contained TBox LT2 integrates advanced automation, web server, alarm notification and data logging with Ethernet and wireless communications. The TBox LT2:

  • Reduces installation costs compared with a SCADA or PLC network
  • Saves engineering time 
  • Provides real-time mobile access to your data
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces asset downtime
  • Enables M2M cellular connections
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The TBox MS is a market leading modular remote control and automation solution that provides real-time remote access and control of your assets. The TBox MS:

  • Protects assets and data while reducing costs
  • Saves engineering time
  • Provides real-time mobile access to your data
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces asset downtime through speedier response
  • Enables M2M cellular connections
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TBox TG2

The TBox TG2 is an Internet-ready TeleControl Gateway for wireless automation and monitoring of fixed or mobile assets.

  • Enables real-time mobile access to remote assets and processes
  • Collects and aggregates data
  • Facilitates device independent web pages using dynamic visualisations
  • Saves engineering time without the need for complex programming
  • Reduces asset downtime through speedier response
  • Reduces maintenance costs
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TBox RM2

The TBox RM2 is a compact remote I/O expansion module for use with the TBox LT2. The RM2 modules connect a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical devices and sensors to computers over standard Ethernet networks.

  • Cost effective network expansion
  • Simple connectivity
  • Real-time automation
  • Robust, rugged construction
  • Long distance machine-to-machine communication
  • Save engineering time without complex programming.
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Cloud based software that simplifies and secures cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) connections. Easily and securely manage your TBox telemetry estate while reducing infrastructure, configuration and management costs. Managing a network of hundreds of connected dispersed assets can be complex, costly and time consuming. 

The ability to connect to and manage devices in a resilient and scalable way is fundamental to M2M communication.  

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TBox RTUs simplify automations tasks and enable critical infrastructure industries to control and monitor data from geographically dispersed assets remotely, in real-time.

  • Investment.jpg

    Reduce installation costs compared with a SCADA or PLC network

  • stopwatch.png

    Save engineering time without the need for complex programming

  • Screens.png

    Real-time access to your data on the move through a standard web browser

  • Comms tower white bg.png

    Machine-to-Machine cellular connections

  • Alarms.png

    Reduce asset downtime through speedier response

  • Install white bg.png

    Lower maintenance costs

M2M Communication
  • M2M Communication
  • Compatibility
  • Programming
  • Alarms
  • Security

M2M Communication

All TBox products manage online communications without the need for a front-end device. Servelec Technologies’ software tools simplify configuration of online data and communications messaging. No complex programming is required.

M2M Communication


TBox devices can be dropped into traditional existing SCADA systems, which use a variety of protocols including DNP3, IEC 60870-5 and Modbus. TBox remote telemetry units seamlessly interface with a host of devices such as access control, analysers, barcode readers, chromatographs, flow meters, and smart transmitters to create a truly multi-functional connected system.



Servelec’s programming and dynamic analytical tools and libraries significantly reduce development time even for complex multitasking automation requirements. With TWinSoft, an easy-to-use and intuitive configuration tool users can quickly complete their applications and dynamically control communication, alarms, data logging and logic, locally or remotely, in complete security. TWinSoft also includes WebForm Studio which allows users to create dynamic embedded web pages without any coding knowledge.


Alarm Management

TBox RTUs use push communications to send multimedia messages to defined groups and devices using escalation and shift management protocols and actions taken are recorded on the TBox’s local memory. At a specific time or following a change of state, a TBox RTU can automatically send messages to multiple recipients with attachments such as complete mobile-friendly reports with live and historical information, alarms and event notifications. Like email, SMS messages can be  transmitted to multiple recipients at a scheduled time or following an event.

Alarm Management


All TBox devices and connected assets are protected by a state-of-the-art cyber security suite with authentication, encryption, firewall, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, SMTPS SFTP/FTPS and VPN.