The Seprol range of UK Water Industry Telemetry Standard (WITS) certified remote telemetry units includes three complementary devices ideal for demanding water applications. The compact S2000micro, the larger S2000 with integrated TFT touchscreen display and the ultra-low power, battery operated wireless telemetry unit and data logger.

Seprol S2000

An all-in-one WITS and Native DNP3 intelligent remote telemetry unit with touch screen display and optional integrated pump controller. The S2000:

  • Is a cost-effective all-in-one solution
  • Improves control and IT safety standards
  • Enhances scalability of your network
  • Enables access to asset data from any web browser
  • Speeds up issue diagnosis
  • Simplifies configuration
Seprol S2000

Seprol S2000micro

This S2000micro is a compact WITS and Native DNP3 intelligent remote telemetry unit with optional integrated pump controller. The S2000micro:

  • Simplifies integration based on WITS standards
  • Increases security
  • Provides access to asset data via any web browser
  • Enables control and monitoring of remote, unpowered assets
  • Simplifies configuration
Seprol S2000micro

Seprol S2000nano

Battery operated, ultra-low power wireless WITS-based telemetry unit and data logger for remote applications. The S2000nano:

  • Wirelessly transmits data from unpowered remote assets
  • Provides early notification of problems
  • Simplifies integration based on WITS standards
  • Provides access to asset data from any web browser
  • Enables speedier issue diagnosis
  • Simplifies configuration
Seprol S2000nano


Each RTU in the Seprol range has a powerful, embedded programming capability allowing for flexible monitoring and control applications to be deployed, removing the need to install separate RTU and PLC devices.

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    Cost saving solutions – no need to install separate PLC devices

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    Interoperability with other WITS devices and systems

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    Designed by water company experts with 40 years’ experience

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    Integrated water network applications

  • Interoperability
  • Configuration
  • Applications


The Seprol range of RTUs complies with most communication standards for easy integration into existing infrastructure, including any other WITS system. Seprol devices are fully WITS and DNP3 compliant proving their interoperability with other WITS-approved master stations, such as Servelec Technologies’ SCOPE SCADA platform and other field devices. WITS certification ensures the device has:

  • A single protocol to support multiple vendors
  • Secure authentication between RTUs and master station
  • A common configuration and application programme
  • Flexible configuration options

Configuration and user interface

All Seprol devices are easily and highly configurable; the standard method for configuring commonly used features reduces the possibility of configuration problems. The built-in configuration and application programme means that Seprol devices can be configured using a PC or laptop. All the RTU’s features, inputs and outputs can be managed through any web browser using the embedded web server and the intelligent user interface.

Configuration and user interface

Typical applications

The Seprol range of remote telemetry units is ideal for everyday water industry specific monitoring and control applications, such as:

  • Pump controlling
  • Asset monitoring
  • Asset control

The S2000 and S2000micro are available with an integrated feature-rich pump controller application, which makes each unit capable of controlling three or two fixed or variable speed pumps respectively. The pump controller application allows you to perform a wide range of wastewater functions, including level control and monitoring, periodic cleansing, burst and blockage detection and remote resets, plus much more. The clean water pump controller enables reservoir, pressure, flow and timed control of the pumps.

Typical applications