SCOPE provides a secure platform for monitoring and controlling a diverse range of assets including critical national infrastructure, from small plant installations through to the management of entire organisations’ networks. The Prism5 graphical user interface consists of a comprehensive control room/ supervisor interface and a lightweight mobile-ready version that is built on HTML5 and leading web technologies. Together they provide users with access to all SCOPE functionality, plant displays, tools and utilities.

Desktop integration is provided with Windows style, drag & drop, and cut & paste functions allowing telemetry data to be quickly and easily copied between Prism and other applications in order to analyse, manipulate, deliver and report the important information between people within the Business.

Communication to the Nexus server is managed by Prism in order to minimise the bandwidth usage so providing a lightweight solution and minimal impact on existing infrastructures. Prism display updates are instantaneous, with each client registering data interest with the Nexus server, and the data updates being sent on change.

Prism supports different client options, depending upon the operational requirements, with each option utilising the same created content in order to maximise data presentation and minimise configuration effort.


  • Presents important data clearly via dedicated or web-based applications for mobile and desktop devices
  • Gives access to the Prism5 Studio mimic development tool with comprehensive mimic creation and editing capabilities
  • Enables intuitive user features such as drag and drop and form based tools for creating content
  • Provides customisable dynamic dashboards for holisitic views


SCOPE Prism provides flexible user interface options to support how your business operates. Direct, web based or portal options deliver clean, precise and logical displays, clearly presenting important data and information to all users. Click here to download the SCOPE product brochure for more information.

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