Nexus is the core of the SCOPE family of telemetry applications. Whether you need to automate the simplest of processes or require an enterprise level SCADA solution Nexus makes it possible. Nexus provides a highly resilient, efficient and flexible platform to scan, control and integrate data from a wide range of industry standard PLC’s and RTU’s. 


• Scalability with up to hundreds of separate server instances, with multiple redundant standby systems
• Inter-server communications for deployment on existing wide area networks
• Low bandwidth requirements enabling full availability across geographic regions
• Market-leading cyber security
• Time-stamped and archived telemetry data with core smart alarm functionality
• Business facing data mirrors

Real-time data management:

Data retrieved from the RTUs or PLCs is checked on arrival on an event basis for alarm conditions, determined by a single change or a complex evaluation of conditions and values.

The data is written into the real-time memory resident Nexus Telemetry database, along with time stamp and any quality information. Any Prism User Interfaces with an ‘interest’ in this data are updated automatically.

Alarm occurrence is flagged to the operator on the User Interface mimics or by audible annunciation. A list of currently outstanding alarms is maintained including full details of the alarm progress. All alarms are sent to the archive server as a long-term record.

Further processing of RTU/PLC data can also be performed by bespoke application programs and entries in the archive database for later trending and analysis.

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