Managing a network of hundreds of connected dispersed assets can be complex, costly and time consuming. The ability to connect to and manage devices in a resilient and scalable way is fundamental to M2M communication.

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    Reduces configuration and maintenance time

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    Enables mobile data acquisition

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    Save hardware and communication costs

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    Increases security

Web Access
  • Web Access
  • Security
  • OpenVPN
  • Connectivity

Web browser access

TConnect provides access to your RTU network from any modern web browser, on a PC, MAC, Linux or mobile device.

Web browser access

Unrivalled security

TConnect provides unrivalled security of your TBox remote telemetry unit estate via OpenVPN including authentication and encryption (based on SSL/TLS standards). Security between TConnect and your client PCs is issued on ‘https’ standard.

Unrivalled security


By leveraging the power of OpenVPN, TConnect eliminates the need for public static IP addresses when using cellular M2M communications and firewall modifications for each TBox connected via Ethernet. TConnect operates as the OpenVPN server to which all TBox clients connect to and automatically creates and manages the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates for the entire system.



TConnect simplifies cellular machine-to-machine connections. TConnect provides:

  • Address book functionality to easily connect any TBox to configuration software (TWinSoft) or TConnect embedded web browser
  • Integrated OpenVPN Server or connection to any OpenVPN services
  • Automatic registration of new RTUs
  • Access to TBox devices on cellular networks with dynamic private IP addresses
  • Automatic reconnection of the RTU when dynamic IP address is changed by the GSM/
  • Cellular network, and;
  • Removes the need for a paid subscription to a dynamic DNS Service (DynDNS, NoIP, etc)

Introducing TConnect

Designed and developed by Servelec Technologies, TConnect is cloud-based software that provides a simple and secure remote connection between your TBox Remote Telemetry Unit and your web browser. You can use TConnect from any modern web browser on a PC, MAC, Linux or mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone.

TConnect Demonstration

Watch an introduction and demonstration of TConnect from our Lead Application Specialist, Kyle Mercer.

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