Introducing the TBox Nano, a battery-powered telemetry unit and data logger which combines advanced logic processing for control applications with ultra-low power monitoring and exceptional battery life for wireless monitoring. With the TBox Nano, you will never be in the dark about the operation of your remote assets.

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    Machine-to-machine communication

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    Makes the inaccessible, accessible

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    Remove the need for multiple devices

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    Reduce maintenance costs

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    Safeguard your remote assets

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    Reduce asset downtime through speedier response

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  • Battery
  • Rugged design
  • Data Logging
  • Alarms

Advanced logic processing

The TBox Nano is so much more than a battery-powered data logger. Combining the logic and control capability of an RTU and the ultra-low power operation of a wireless logger the TBox Nano removes the necessity for multiple devices for one application. Its digital output and logic processing capability means it operates like an RTU, enabling you to control your remote dispersed assets wirelessly.

Advanced logic processing

Exceptional battery life

The TBox Nano can be supplied with a high-power lithium battery that provides the TBox Nano with an exceptional battery life of up to ten years. The TBox Nano can be configured depending on the application to acquire, process and transmit data at set intervals and will only wake from its sleep-mode when configured to do so maximising battery lifetime.

Exceptional battery life

Rugged design

The TBox Nano is built within an IP68-rated rugged, submersible casing, which means it can submersed up to four metres for four days. The robust design combined with a wide operating temperature range of -40oC to +70oC and a range of mounting options means that the TBox Nano can be used to monitor and control assets in the most remote and harshest environments.

Rugged design

Data logging

The TBox Nano’s expansive historical data storage capacity means that it can log hundreds of thousands of time-stamped event-driven records and transmit data wirelessly, year after year.

Data logging

Push notifications and alarm management

Using advanced push notification technology the TBox Nano automatically sends a multimedia message at a specified time or following a programmed state change via email or SMS to multiple recipients or devices. Automatically formatted, mobile-friendly reports sent by email include live and historical information, alarms and event notifications.

Push notifications and alarm management
Inputs & outputs
Removable I/O Connectiors Yes
Maximum I/O points 1 x Digital Output
4 x Digital Inputs
3 x Analogue Inputs
1 x RS485 serial port
Digital modules Built in
Analogue modules Built in
Analogue Inputs
Type of input 2 x 4 - 20mA
1 x 0 - 5V
Resolution 20 bits
Accuracy 0.1% (voltage)
0.15% (current)
Sensor supply output 24V DC
Max: 50mA
Isolation No isolation
Digital Inputs
Type of input Volt free contacts
Contact wetting voltage 5V DC nominal
Contact wetting current 1mA at 5V DC
Resistance Contact closed: 1Kohms
Contact open: 100Kohms
Input pulse frequency 0 - 5Hz
Isolation No isolation



Processor Unit
Type Kinetis K66
(ARM Cortex M4) 96Mhz
Flash 8MB Flash +
2 x 1MB CPU Flash
Memory (SD card)t Up to 32GB
Real-time clock Yes
Event logging Yes
Protocols Modbus (RTU/TCP,
Master/Slave), DNP3,
IEC 60870-5-104
Others available on request
M2M Communication
Type 3G with fall back to
Frequencies Penta band - UMTS/HSPA+
800/850, 900, 1700, 1900,
Quad band - GPRS/EDGE
850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
LED Registration
Type 2.0
Use Local programming
Cabling 2 wires (A+, B-)
Protocols Modbus-RTU (Slave/Master)
Speed Up to 56kbps
Email Yes
FTP Up tYes



Local (PC/laptop) Yes
Remote via network Yes
Programmable logic Yes
Battery pack (default) 19.2V DC lithium battery
External input voltage 6 - 30V DC (optional)
Power down modes Yes
Sleep mode Typical: 10μA
Maximum: 20μA
Low power (DI scan) Typical: 15μA
Maximum: 30μA
Awake (CPU only) Typical: 10mA
Maximum: 25mA
Awake (AI active) Typical: 20mA
Maximum: 40mA
Awake (GSM communication) Typical: 50mA
Maximum: 100mA
Working temperature -40°C to +70°C
 Storage temperature  -40°C to +85°C
 Submersion  IP68 (4 meters for 4 days)
Width 142mm (5.59”)
 Height 197mm (7.75”)
 Depth 115mm (4.52”)
 Weight  1.5kg






Introducing the TBox Nano

The TBox Nano accurately logs, monitors and transmits data wirelessly, year after year without charging or replacing making it ideal for applications where reliability is paramount and access is limited. The TBox Nano is perfectly suited for monitoring applications, such as:

  • Sewer monitoring and pump control
  • River level monitoring and sluice gate control
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Water level monitoring
  • Flow monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring

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