The TBox MS from Servelec Technologies is a highly resilient and secure automation platform for critical and demanding SCADA applications. The modular construction of the TBox MS remote telemetry unit allows you to match the needs of practically any application.

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    Protects your assets and data while reducing costs

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    Save engineering time without the need for complex programming

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    Real-time access to your data on the move through a standard web browser

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    Machine-to-Machine cellular connections

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    Lower maintenance costs

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    Reduce asset downtime through speedier response

Web Server
  • Web Server
  • Programming
  • Alarms
  • Plug and Go
  • Security

Web server technology

The modular TBox MS remote telemetry unit provides real-time remote access and control of your assets, using the latest web server technology. On-board web server technology eliminates the need for complex SCADA software and costly HMI displays.

Web server technology


Servelec’s programming and dynamic analytical tools and libraries significantly reduce development time even for complex multitasking automation requirements. With TWinSoft, an easy-to-use and intuitive configuration tool users can quickly complete their applications and dynamically control communication, alarms, data logging and logic, locally or remotely, in complete security. TWinSoft also includes WebForm Studio which allows users to create dynamic embedded web pages without any coding knowledge.


Alarm Management

TBox RTUs use push communications to send multimedia messages to defined groups and devices using escalation and shift management protocols and actions taken are recorded on the TBox’s local memory. At a specific time or following a change of state, a TBox RTU can automatically send messages to multiple recipients with attachments such as complete mobile-friendly reports with live and historical information, alarms and event notifications. Like email, SMS messages can be  transmitted to multiple recipients at a scheduled time or following an event.

Alarm Management

Plug and Go Technology

Servelec Technologies’ TBox MS features ‘plug and go’ technology, allowing you to distribute your full site configuration on an SD card or via USB connection, enabling your maintenance team to deploy it without switching on a computer.

Plug and Go Technology


All TBox devices and connected assets are protected by a state-of-the-art cyber security suite with authentication, encryption, firewall, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, SMTPS SFTP/FTPS and VPN.

Designation Industrial-grade remote terminal unit (RTU)
Processor 32 bits ARM9, 400MHz
Redundancy Power supply, communications, processor level (cold start)
Clock Real-time clock with battery backup — External GPS synchronization (optional)
Memory 32MB NOR Flash
1MB SRAM with lithium battery backup
Industrial grade SD / μSD card to 32GB (see our price list)
Backplane rack Passive backplane. Available for 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 slots

Ethernet (10/100), 3 x USB, PSTN, LTE/4G Modem, Serial (RS-232/RS-485), and many more

I/O cards

MS-16DI 16 digital inputs,12-60VDC
MS-48D1 48 digital inputs,12-60VDC — no LED
MS-10DI-HS 10 digital inputs, 5-30VDC, Counting (50KHz), Quad inputs, SOE, Debounce filter, Isolated 1/1
MS-16DO 16 digital outputs,12-60VDC, max 200 mA, Current Sinking, Protected
MS-16DIO 16 digital inputs 4- outputs, 12-60VDC, max 200 mA, Current Sinking, Protected
MS-RELAY 8 digital outputs relay, 230VAC or 30VDC max 3A, Isolated 1/1
MS-8AIVC 8 analogue inputs -10/+10 V, -20 mA/+20 mA, 4-20 mA, 24-bit
MS-8RTD  8 RTD temperature inputs, 24 bit
MS-4A1420 4 analogue inputs 4-20 mA,14-bit, Isolated 1/1
MS-8A1420 8 analogue inputs 4-20 mA,14-bit, Isolated 1/1
MS-4AOVC 4 analogue outputs,12-bit, 4-20 mA, -10 V/+10 V, Active, Isolated 1/1
MS-COMBO-18 DI (12-60VDC) + 4 DO (12-60VDC, max 200mA) + 3 Al (4-20mA)
MS-PSTN 56K modem + 1 RS-232/RS-485

Comms cards

MS-PSTN PSTN 56K modem + 1 RS-232/RS-485
MS-ETHER-4 Ethernet (10/100) with 4 ports embedded industrial switch
MS-SERIAL 2 RS-232/RS-485 ports
MS-GSM-4W 12 LTE Bands (4G), 7 UMTS/HSPA+ Bands (3G) and 4 GPRS/EDGE Bands (2G) + 1 RS232/RS485

Special cards MS-IO-SIMUL Simulation + test: 8 DI (switches), 8 DO (LEDs), 4 AI (potentiometers), 4 AO (LEDs)
Hot swapping All cards
Operating System Linux Kernel (with real-time extensions)
Programming Via TWinSoft Suite (including WebForm Studio and Report Studio)
Languages Ladder logic, Basic & Function blocks (IEC 61131-3) and optional C/C++ add-ons
Alarm handling Smart alarm management with embedded calendar
Data logging Smart data logging: Sampling tables (periodic) + digital & analogue chronologies (event)
SCADA compatible TView, InTouch, iFix, WIZCON, CITECT, Topkapi, Cube, Labview, Panorama, Scope
 Remote upload Up to firmware level


IT features HTTP, FTP, SMTP & POP3, SNMP, IP forwarding, DynDNS, NTP
Protocol support Support for over 40 protocols, including Modbus (master/slave, RTU/TCP/ASCII), DNP 3.0, IEC
60870-5, Siemens ISO-TCP, Allen Bradley DF1, EtherNet/IP, IEC 61850, OPC UA, MQTT and many more
Security 4 levels of authority, HTTP login, SSL/TLS, X.509 Certificates, IEEE802.1x
“IP Security” with: Firewall, HTTP log-in, HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, SMTPS, VPN, SSH
Power supplies AC: 85 to 265 VAC (50 or 60Hz) — DC: 90 to 375 VDC
DC: +8 to +30 VDC and -60 to -24 VDC (railways -48VDC)
Intelligent battery charging
Temperature Storage: -40°C to +80°C / -40°F to 176°F
Working: -40°C to +70°C / -40°F to +158°F
Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Material Proprietary aluminum enclosure, Alodine coating for corrosion
Approvals CE, UL/CSA, FCC, IC, RCM, RED
MTBF >400,000 hours, statement available upon request

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M2M software application that provides a simple and secure remote connection between your TBox Remote Telemetry Unit and your PC.

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