The S2000micro WITS and Native DNP3 based intelligent RTU with optional integrated pump controller functionality enables accurate monitoring and control for everyday automation applications when cost and reliability are paramount

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    Simple integration based on WITS standards

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    Increases security

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    Access asset data from any web browser

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    Control and monitor remote, unpowered assets

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    Simplified configuration

WITS Certified
  • WITS Certified
  • Configuration
  • Pump controller
  • Footprint
  • Applications

WITS Certified

The S2000 is a fully WITS (Water Industry Telemetry Standards) compliant device proving its  interoperability with other WITS-approved master stations and field devices. WITS certification ensures the device has:

  • A single protocol to support multiple vendors
  • Secure authentication between RTUs and master station
  • A common configuration and application programme
  • Flexible configuration options
WITS Certified

Configuration and user interface

All Seprol devices are easily and highly configurable; the standard method for configuring commonly used features reduces the possibility of configuration problems. The built-in IsaGraf IEC1131-3 configuration and application tool means that Seprol devices can be configured using a PC or laptop. All the RTU’s features, inputs and outputs can be managed through any web browser using the embedded web server and the intelligent user interface.

Configuration and user interface

Pump controller

The S2000micro is available with an integrated feature-rich pump controller application, which makes each unit capable of controlling three or two fixed or variable speed pumps respectively. The pump controller application allows you to perform a wide range of wastewater functions, including level control and monitoring, periodic cleansing, burst and blockage detection and remote resets, plus much more. The clean water pump controller enables reservoir, pressure, flow and timed control of the pumps.

Pump controller

Compact footprint

The Seprol S2000micro’s small footprint enables it to be used in restricted spaces without  compromising on processing power or functionality. Each S2000micro device measures just 182mm (W) x 115mm (H) x 69mm (D).

Compact footprint


The S2000micro is an ideal RTU for everyday monitoring and control applications, such as:

  • Pump controlling
  • Asset monitoring
  • Asset control
Input supply 9.0 - 15 VDC @ 2A max
Power consumption
I/O scan
<55mA (option ports 3 & 4 not loaded)
Power consumption
<2mA via DC supply
Operating temperature range -20oC to 70oC (exc. battery)
Operating humidity 5% to 98% R.H. non condensing
CPU Hitachi H8S/2144 operating at 32KHz or 7.38MHz
Flash RAM 4MB
Static CMOS RAM 4K internal, 5ikK external (battery backed)
Real-time clock Yes
Battery backup for RAM & RTC Yes, lithium
Backup battery lifetime 7 years at 25oC
Dimensions 185mm (H) x 130mm (W) x 50mm (D)
Comm Port 1 RS-232, 300 to 38,400bps isolated
Comm Port 2 RS-232 , (RS-485 option card available), 300 to 38,400bps isolated
Comm Port 3 & 4
A3 - Ethernet MTRJ Fibre
F - Serial Fibre
Refer to list of card options below:
I - Isolated Serial
L - Private line 1200 Baud
Rx - Spread Spectrum
T3 - Ethernet


Digital Inputs
Number of inputs 8 Max. Channels 5 to 8 can be configured as digital outputs
Input voltage range 5 to 30 VDC=ON; 0 to 1.0 VDC = OFF
Digital Outputs
Number of outputs 2 latching relays, plus up to 4 Open Drain (Channels 5 - 8)
Maximum voltage Relays 30V AC/DC, Open Drain 30 VDC
Maximum switching current Relays 2A, Open Drain 300mA total
Isolation 500V (relay)
Analogue inputs
Number of inputs 4 plus (inc. battery. V, RTU current, RTU temp & ADC V Ref)
Input voltage range 0-5V (0-20mA with ext. 250 Ohm resistance)
A/D converter resolution 12bit
Binary input range 0 to 32,760
Analogue ouput
Output range 1 x 0-5V, 4-20mA sink
D/A converter resolution 15bit
Isolation 500V RMS
Certifications include
A-Tick Comms options D, R1 and R2
C-Tick Main module plus comms options A3, D, I, L, R2, R3, T3

Where to buy

Enter your location to find your nearest distributor for the Seprol S2000micro RTU

Seprol S2000

An all-in-one WITS and Native DNP3 intelligent RTU with touch screen display and optional integrated pump controller.

View Seprol S2000

Seprol S2000nano

Battery operated, ultra-low power wireless WITS-based telemetry unit and data logger for remote applications.

View Seprol S2000nano

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