The CP-35 processor module for the advanced, modular Kingfisher Plus remote telemetry platform is the successor to the popular CP-30 line of processor and communication modules and is packed with improvements and features. For users who have installed the CP-30, the CP-35 is a direct plug replacement meaning projects can be automatically converted with just one click.

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    1GHz processing speed

  • OLED.jpg

    On-board OLED display

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    Enhanced security

  • stopwatch.png

    Rapid site recovery

  • Redundancy.jpg

    Reduced risk of system failure

1GHz Processor
  • 1GHz Processor
  • On-Board OLED Display
  • Increased Security
  • MicroSD
  • Toolbox Plus

1GHz processing speed – The power to perform

The CP-35 includes a high-performance 1GHz processor that offers a major step in processing capability. Supporting the improved processing power is an increase in memory, including 256MB of high reliability ECC memory and 2GB of Flash memory. The result is a Kingfisher Plus RTU platform able to run and store the most challenging of applications.

1GHz processing speed – The power to perform

On-board OLED display – Direct access to your RTU system

The CP-35 is the first Kingfisher RTU module to include an interactive colour OLED panel on the front of the unit. Using the dual five-way controllers, users have direct access to the RTU’s configuration, diagnostics and status information of the hardware, firmware, ports and I/O connected to the RTU. This feature saves time by enabling users to view the system directly, and augments the additional features provided by the webserver and ToolBox Plus

On-board OLED display – Direct access to your RTU system

Increased security - Protecting your assets

The increased security features of the CP-35 processor module, including digital signing of firmware, help protect your connected assets from malicious attack, making it harder for hackers to tamper with files. The CP-35 also protects against unauthorised access via enhanced security on a project using Role Based Access.

Increased security - Protecting your assets

MicroSD clone feature

With the microSD clone feature, you can save all configuration, firmware, logic and events to a microSD card, slotted in the rear of the device. This enables cloning of the site CPU for faster recovery in the unlikely event of a module failure, simply by removing the microSD card and placing it into a new CP-35 unit.

MicroSD clone feature

Toolbox Plus

The features provided by the CP-35 are supported by the maintenance and configuration tool, Toolbox Plus, providing additional security and functional enhancements including:

  • Projects created with the CP-30 CPU module can be converted to the CP-35 CPU module with one click
  • Up to five versions of firmware and configuration can be independently loaded into the CP-35 and selected via ToolBox Plus for instant switching and fall back
  • Fast download function using SFTP over SSH including automatic recovery from interrupted transmissions
  • Simplified redundancy configuration
  • Remote webserver providing mobile access via any web browser to RTU status, port settings, service reports, ISaGRAF values, recent events, configurations and module data
Toolbox Plus


 Type  ARM Cortex A-9
 Speed  1GHz
 Data bus  32Bit
 SDRAM- standard (with 2 bit ECC)  256MB
 Flash memory - standard (eMMC)  2GB
 Display  OLED 96 X 96 pixels
 Battery back up - lithium  RTC 20 years
 CPU redundancy  
 CPU clone with uSD card installed  



Maximum addressable slots64 64
Backplane - passive  2/4/6/12 slots
Backplane - active V1  (9-15VDC supply)  2/4/6 slots



 Kingfisher I/O modules  Yes
 Maximum direct I/O  1008
 I/O configuration - auto/manual  Yes
 Removable wiring connections  Yes
 Field power from module, DI, AI, AO  Yes
 Field isolation (1.5 to 5KV) refer module  Yes
 Hot swappable  Yes


 Total ports per RTU  >20
 Base ports fitted

 1 Ethernet


2 Serial RS232/485

 Option positions  2
 Max ports per CP module  7
 Supported MC modules  MC-30/31/35
 Communication options supported  Yes



 Kingfisher II Yes
 Modbus  Yes
 DNP3  Yes
 DNP3 Secure V2  Yes
 SNMP  Yes
 SSH  Yes
 TCP/IP  Yes
 UDP/IP  Yes


 Toolbox Plus V5  Yes
 Local (PC/Laptop)  Yes
 Remote via network  Yes
 Firmware file stored  5
 Configuration file stored  5


 Role base access  User Configurable
 Secure firmware deployment MD5  Yes
 Digitally signed firmware  Yes
 Toolbox Plus SSH  Yes
 Audit logging  Yes
 Achillies testing Tested to Level 1



 IEC61131-3 (5 languages) ISaGRAF V 5.13 Yes 



 Local watchdog timer  Yes
 Communications status  Yes
 Configuration display  Yes
 I/O Status  Yes
 Comms analyser  Yes
 Webserver  Yes
 Service report  Yes



 AC supply - PS-1x  100-240V AC
 DC supply - PS-2x  20-60V DC
 96 - 300V DC
 Solar / DC supply  10.5 - 16.0V DC
 Redundancy  Yes
 Battery back up  Yes
 Battery charging option  Yes



 Ambient operating temperature  -40oC to +85oC
 Storage temperature  -40oC to +85oC
 Humidity - non condensing  5% to 98% RH

Discover the Kingfisher Plus modular remote telemetry platform

Kingfisher Plus is an advanced modular remote telemetry platform for critical infrastructure and remote data-logging applications.

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