Kingfisher DI-10

Digital input module for Kingfisher systems.

The DI-10 provides 16 input points in one group with common power for field contacts. The inputs are designed for wide ranging DC and AC input signals from external devices. Input characteristics are compatible with a wide range of user-supplied input devices, such as push buttons, limit switches and electronic proximity switches.

The DI-10 module provides all the functionality of the DI-1 and DI-5 modules except the field voltage polarity cannot be reversed. It has software configurable debounce filters, channel inversion and Sequence-of-Events recording selectable on any channel(s). Frequency, pulse or quadrature counting can also be configured for any seven input channels.

The first four channels are high speed inputs, capable of counting up to 10 kHz; the other 12 inputs can count up to 1 kHz. The DI-10 module has seven user-configurable counter inputs, which appear as 16bit unsigned integer values in the analogue input registers.

Product Benefits

  • 16 digital inputs
  • Frequency or pulse or quadrature counting on any seven inputs
  • Software debounce filter
  • Isolated DC output for powering inputs
  • Wide ranging AC or DC inputs 
  • Sequence of events recording (S.O.E).

Product Specifications

USA & Canada
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East & Gulf
Product SKU: DI-10
Product Version: V4.3
Product Delivery: Hardware