Kingfisher CP-30

The Kingfisher CP-30 is a powerful processor module designed for the most challenging RTU applications

The Kingfisher CP-30 is a powerful processor module designed for the most challenging RTU applications.

The CP-30 incorporates best-in-class processing speed, 32MB of standard memory, a new and innovative architecture, providing unsurpassed logic capability and flexible, high-performance communications. The unit’s IP-ready design offers an onboard Ethernet port so you can access important system data worldwide.

When teamed with Toolbox PLUS software you can perform configuration, programming, and maintenance with one simple-to-use interface. The embedded ISaGRAF operating environment means you can view, program, edit, and diagnose your system without the need to switch back and forth between cumbersome software packages.

With over 25,000 Kingfisher installations worldwide, the CP-30 inherits a legacy of proven technology and reliability. Our systems are proven in the harshest environments, from the heat of the Australian outback to the bitter cold of inland China.

Product Details


Providing full compliance with the IEC-61131-3 process logic standard, the CP-30 allows creation and configuration of logic applications in structured text, ladder logic, function block diagrams, instruction lists, and sequential function charts.

Multiple I/O Modules

Fitted with 32 megabytes of memory and best in class processing speed, the CP-30 can handle your most challenging applications. More memory allows you to log more events in less time.

Easy Upgrade Path

The CP-30 allows you to quickly upgrade your existing Kingfisher investment with the latest processor technology. Simply unplug your Series II processor, plug in the CP-30, create the configuration and application program with Toolbox PLUS+, and you’re done.

Multiple I/O Modules

The CP-30 supports the entire range of proven Kingfisher I/O and power supply modules. With scalability up to 1,000 I/O points, your measurement and control solution is limited only by your imagination.

Kingfisher CP30

Product Specifications


  • ARM9 CPU with Linux OS
  • IEC61131 programming
  • Up to 1000 I/O
  • High-Performance Processing
  • CPU Redundancy
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 Degrees C
  • Protocol Support: KF2, DNP3, DNP3 Secure, Modbus, HART, SNMP
  • Ports per CPU: Up to 3


UK, EMEA, Latin America, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia


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