Kingfisher Plus from Servelec Technologies is a highly resilient and secure automation platform for critical and demanding SCADA applications. The modular construction of the Kingfisher Plus remote telemetry unit allows you to match the needs of practically any application.

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    Protects your assets and data

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    Save engineering time with Kingfisher’s simple configuration

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    Minimise risks of system failure

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    Instant access to critical data from your remote assets

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    Exceed your current and future automation needs

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    Increase network efficiency

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Kingfisher Plus is a highly resilient and secure modular remote telemetry data platform for critical and demanding SCADA applications.

  • Processing
  • Programming
  • Communications
  • Redundancy
  • Modules

Advanced processing

An advanced high-performance processor seamlessly interfaces with intelligent communications and I/O modules to exceed the needs of the most demanding remote monitoring and control applications.

Advanced processing


Kingfisher RTUs provide an open, programmable automation environment based on ISaGRAF version 6.5. Kingfisher’s configuration and programme development tool Toolbox Plus supports all IEC 61131-3 languages and a rich library pre-engineered function blocks provides built-in programming shortcuts, which project engineers find invaluable.



The Kingfisher Plus’ extensive communications options provide connectivity to the intelligent devices and networks used throughout today’s measurement and control systems. Kingfisher Plus communications options include:

  • Fibre Ethernet
  • Dial-up modem
  • Fibre Serial
  • HART
  • Line and radio FSK
  • Spread spectrum
  • Ethernet


Reducing risk of systems failure, Kingfisher RTUs provide redundant processor, power supply and communications modules. Processor modules support CPU redundancy; switchover from the primary to the backup processor will occur upon failure of I/O module scan, communications failure on selected ports, Toolbox command, or a ladder logic command. All modules are ‘hot swappable’ without needing to restart the RTU.

Inputs & outputs
Maxiumum I/O points 1008
Backplanes Up to 4 x 12 slot backplanes and 4 x 4 slot backplanes
I/O configuration per RTU
Backplane sizes Automatic/manual
Removable I/O connector 2 / 4 / 6 / 12 slots
Digital modules Yes
Analog modules Max. 16 inputs or 16 outputs/module Max. 8 inputs or 4 outputs/module
Processor Unit CP-12 CP-30
Type x86 Cirrus ARM9
Flash RAM 512KB 16MB
RAM 512KB 64MB
Real-time clock Yes
Battery backup RAM/RTC - Lithium >7years
RTU address 1 to 255 or 1-65535 (protocol dependent)
Event logging Up to 100,000 events
Communications Supported
Total Ports / RTU CP-12 = 16max
CP-30 = >20
Master / Slave Yes
Peer-to-peer Yes
Fallback levels Yes
PC link Yes
Protocol Modbus
Allen Bradley
  Others available on request
Local (PC/Laptop) Yes
Remote via network Yes
IEC 61131-3 Yes (CP-30)
ISaGRAF flowchart Yes (CP-30)
Toolbox 32 ladder Yes (CP-12)
Local watchdog timer Yes
Communication status Yes
Configuration display Yes
I/O status Yes
Debug Yes
Option cards
CP-12 1 x standard serial port
2 x option card slots
CP-30 1 x standard Ethernet port
2 x option card slots
MC-12 1 x standard serial port
2 x option card slots
MC-31 1 x standard Ethernet port
2 x option card slots
Available option cards A3 - Ethernet fibre
D - PSTN modem
F - Serial multimode fibre
H - HART interface
I - Serial copper
I2 - Dual serial copper
L - Private line
R2 - SSradio 900MHz Australia
R3 - SS radio 2.4GHz Int
R4 - SS radio 900MHz USA
Pre-programmed Yes
I/O modules LEDs
CPU modules LEDs
Power supply modules LEDs
Report via network Yes
Software Yes
Communications analyser Yes
Service report Yes
AC supply 100 to 240 VAC
DC supply 20 to 60 VDC or 96 to 300 VDC
Solar supply 10.5-16.0 VDC
Power down modes Yes
Battery backup Yes
Battery size Various
Battery charging option Yes
Ambient temperature -40oC to 85oC
Storage temperature -40oC to 85oC
Humidity 5% to 98% RH non-condensing
Redundancy levels
CPUs / RTU 2
Power supplies / rack 2

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Kingfisher LP-3

The Kingfisher LP-3 intelligent low-power remote telemetry unit opens up the world of real-time communications and SCADA to remote locations. With the Kingfisher LP-3 your geographically dispersed assets are within reach.

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Kingfisher Plus CP-35

The CP-35 processor module for the advanced, modular Kingfisher Plus remote telemetry platform is the successor to the popular CP-30 line of processor and communication modules and is packed with improvements and features.

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