The Kingfisher LP-3 intelligent low-power remote telemetry unit opens up the world of real-time communications and SCADA to remote locations. With the Kingfisher LP-3 your geographically dispersed assets are within reach.

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    Collect data from remote locations, wirelessly

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Power consumption

Intelligent management of power consumption allows the Kingfisher LP-3 remote telemetry unit to be battery or solar powered. A sleep-mode current draw of less than 1mA minimises the size and cost of the required power supply.

Power consumption

Rugged design

The Kingfisher LP-3 low power remote telemetry unit is packaged in a two-part, rugged plastic enclosure which measures just 185mm (H) x 130mm (W) x 50mm (D) and houses the electronics and communication interfaces to ensure the Kingfisher LP-3 can withstand even the harshest environments.

Rugged design


The Kingfisher LP-3’s extensive communications options provide connectivity to the intelligent devices and networks used throughout today’s measurement and control systems. Kingfisher LP-3 communications options include:

  • Fibre Ethernet
  • PSTN
  • Dial-up modem
  • Serial (Fibre and Isolated)
  • HART
  • Line and radio FSK
  • Spread spectrum
  • Ethernet
  • Private line 1200 Baud

Inputs and outputs

Each Kingfisher LP-3 has a maximum of eight digital inputs, three of which can be configured as digital outputs. In addition, each unit has four analogue inputs and one analogue output.

Inputs and outputs


The LP-3 low-power RTU suits a wide range of applications including agriculture operations, environmental monitoring, gas metering, power metering and data logging. Essentially any remote application which lacks access to commercial power.

Input supply 9.0 - 15 VDC @ 2A max
Power consumption
I/O scan
<55mA (option ports 3 & 4 not loaded)
Power consumption
<2mA via DC supply
Operating temperature range -20oC to 70oC (exc. battery)
Operating humidity 5% to 98% R.H. non condensing
CPU Hitachi H8S/2144 operating at 32KHz or 7.38MHz
Flash RAM 4MB
Static CMOS RAM 4K internal, 5ikK external (battery backed)
Real-time clock Yes
Battery backup for RAM & RTC Yes, lithium
Backup battery lifetime 7 years at 25oC
Dimensions 185mm (H) x 130mm (W) x 50mm (D)
Comm Port 1 RS-232, 300 to 38,400bps isolated
Comm Port 2 RS-232/RS-485, 300 to 38,400bps isolated
Comm Port 3 & 4
A3 - Ethernet MTRJ Fibre
F - Serial Fibre
Refer to list of card options below:
I - Isolated Serial
L - Private line 1200 Baud
Rx - Spread Spectrum
T3 - Ethernet
Digital Inputs
Number of inputs 8 Max. Channels 5 to 8 can be configured as digital outputs
Input voltage range 5 to 30 VDC=ON; 0 to 1.0 VDC = OFF
Digital Outputs
Number of outputs 2 latching relays, plus up to 4 Open Drain (Channels 5 - 8)
Maximum voltage Relays 30V AC/DC, Open Drain 30 VDC
Maximum switching current Relays 2A, Open Drain 300mA total
Isolation 500V (relay)
Analogue inputs
Number of inputs 4 plus (inc. battery. V, RTU current, RTU temp & ADC V Ref)
Input voltage range 0-5V (0-20mA with ext. 250 Ohm resistance)
A/D converter resolution 12bit
Binary input range 0 to 32,760
Analogue ouput
Output range 1 x 0-5V, 4-20mA sink
D/A converter resolution 15bit
Isolation 500V RMS
Certifications include
A-Tick Comms options D, R1 and R2
C-Tick Main module plus comms options A3, D, I, L, R2, R3, T3

Where to buy

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