Kingfisher Plus

Highly resilient and secure modular automation platform for critical and demanding SCADA applications. Kingfisher Plus:

  • Protects your assets and data
  • Saves engineering time and resources
  • Exceeds your current and future automation needs
  • Provides instant access to critical data from your remote assets
  • Minimises the risks of system failure
  • Increases network efficiency
Kingfisher Plus

Kingfisher LP-3

A smart solution for low-power monitoring, control and data logging applications. Intelligent management of power consumption allows the Kingfisher LP-3 remote telemetry unit (RTU) to be battery or solar-powered.

  • Collect data from remote locations, wirelessly
  • Self sufficient
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with existing infrastructure
Kingfisher LP-3


Kingfisher RTUs simplify automation tasks and enable critical infrastructure industries to control and monitor data from geographically dispersed assets remotely, in real-time.

  • security.jpg

    Secure platform, which protects your assets and data

  • stopwatch.png

    Save engineering time with Kingfisher’s simple configuration

  • Schedule white bg.jpg

    Exceed your current and future automation needs

  • Elasticity points white bg.jpg

    Instant access to critical data from your remote assets

  • Warning.png

    Minimise risks of system failure

  • Output.png

    Increase network efficiency

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Our powerful and reliable Kingfisher RTUs are easy to configure and deploy with built-in programming shortcuts. They provide a secure connection to your assets while reducing the risk of failure.

Advanced hardware
  • Advanced hardware
  • Redundancy
  • Protocols
  • Programming
  • Communications

Advanced hardware

An advanced high-performance processor seamlessly interfaces with intelligent communications and I/O modules to exceed the needs of the most demanding remote monitoring and control applications. 

Advanced hardware


Reducing risk of systems failure, Kingfisher RTUs provide redundant processor, power supply and communications modules. Processor modules support hot standby redundancy; switchover from the primary to the backup processor will occur upon failure of I/O module scan, communications failure on selected ports, Toolbox command, or a ladder logic command. All modules are ‘hot swappable’ without needing to restart the RTU.



For compatibility with a broad range of SCADA networks and intelligent devices, Kingfisher Plus supports over 70 protocols, including:

  • DNP3 (master/slave)
  • Modbus (master/slave)
  • Allen Bradley DF1
  • SNMP
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP


Kingfisher RTUs provide an open, programmable automation environment based on ISaGRAF version 6.5. Kingfisher’s configuration and programme development tool Toolbox Plus supports all IEC 61131-3 languages and a rich library pre-engineered function blocks provides built-in programming shortcuts, which project engineers find invaluable.



The Kingfisher range’s communications options providing connectivity to the intelligent devices and networks used throughout today’s measurement and control systems. Kingfisher communications options include:

  • Fibre Ethernet
  • Dial-up modem
  • Fibre Serial
  • HART
  • Line and radio FSK
  • Spread spectrum
  • Ethernet