Loggers & Sensors for Leak Detection and Network Monitoring

Through our company Primayer we can provide a range of market leading Loggers and Sensors for the effective monitoring of water networks.

Below you will find a brief overview of our Logger and Sensor Solutions for Leakage Control & Detection and Network & Flow Monitoring. To discover more about the complete range of Loggers and Sensors we can offer please visit the Primayer website.

Leakage Control & Detection

Our acoustic logger systems from Primayer are for widespread water network leak detection deployment. They are fitted at access points, such as valves or hydrants, providing rapid identification of the presence of leaks by monitoring acoustic noise. Loggers are available for manual surveys (often termed ‘lift and shift’) or for permanent remote monitoring providing leak data via 3G, GPRS or SMS communications. An alternative approach utilising step-testing, in situations such as for plastic pipe networks, is also available.



Our Leak Detection & Control Product range Includes:

Enigma3m and Enigma3hyQ loggers track leaks remotely sending data via 3G/GPRS communication to the PrimeWeb online data platform. They use state-of-the-art acoustic correlating sensors. The Enigma3hyQ tracks leaks remotely on all pipes of any material and diameter over distances of up to 5m.

Phocus3 and Phocus3m detect leaks wirelessly. Phocus3 measures on-site, and Phocus3m measures remotely using 3G/GPRS communications and the PrimeWeb data platform.

Eureka3 noise correlator pinpoints leaks on-site precisely and is operated by a touch screen.

Mikron3 listens for leaks accurately with a high quality ground microphone and a listening rod.

Network & Flow Monitoring

Having reliable, accurate, up-to-date data enables efficient water network management. Primayer’s range of data loggers are able to record water pressure, flow and level parameters and interface to all common water industry flowmeters and sensors. Loggers transmit data using 3G, GPRS or local (USB) communications.

Data may be delivered on-line to the water company or end-user via a secure ‘cloud’ based interface. This provides a managed service with data available anytime, anywhere. Alarms may be sent to mobile phones or similar devices. Data may also be processed using data management software and interfaced to corporate systems.

Our Network & Flow Monitoring Product range includes:

PrimeFlo3 measures flow non-invasively and repeatedly over long time periods. 

XiLog+ monitors pressure and flow.

PrimeProbe3 measures flow electromagnetically.

Some of our most popular products include

About Primayer

In August 2019 Primayer became part of the Servelec Technologies family.

Primayer is a world leading developer and manufacturer of Intelligent technologies for the effective monitoring of water networks and for reducing the loss of potable water.

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