PIONEER is web-based decision support software which delivers optimal asset management planning and operational strategies which deliver service and performance improvements at minimal cost, subject to resource and capacity constraints.

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    Capital cost savings of over 10%

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    Improved service levels

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    Increased customer satisfaction

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    Increased funding

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    Consistent decision making

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    More effective planning

  • Forecasting
  • Asset management planning
  • Flexibility
  • Asset types


PIONEER forecasts results and presents them in both tabular and graphical form. A variety of graph formats is available and tabulated results can be exported to MS Excel. Forecasts can be generated easily for any length of planning horizon and for any combination of assets.

‘What-if analysis’ is straightforward with the facility to programme mandatory interventions and to explore the sensitivity of results to inputs.

User-defined service measures or indicators can include multiple levels of severity, such as interruptions to supply which has three different duration bands. Derived indicators can also be defined as combinations of other service indicators. The results of forecasts can be displayed on a colour-coded schematic providing a means of quickly identifying high-risk areas.


Asset management planning

At the core of PIONEER is an advanced optimiser, designed to meet user-specified service and/or performance targets at least cost. PIONEER applies interventions that improve the service indicators that have been selected as targets. Interventions can be either capital or operational, and may be specified as generic intervention types that can apply to all assets of a particular type.

The combination of an intervention type and the unit to which it is applied results in a predicted quantified improvement to service, expected change in operating costs (including repair costs) and the cost of performing the intervention. PIONEER selects the optimal set and programme of future interventions to meet the user-specified service and cost targets.

Asset management planning


PIONEER is highly flexible and user friendly. It produces optimal investment plans for future periods of typically one, five or 30 years and beyond including climate change scenarios. It allows you to  decide how and when to refurbish or replace assets at minimum overall cost, across a single asset group or your entire company network.

PIONEER is flexible enough to accommodate a range of performance and cost data sets from different sources, ensuring investments return best value for your customers.


Asset types

PIONEER can be used for all operational asset types. Examples for the water sector include:

  • Water distribution mains
  • Trunk mains
  • Water pumping stations
  • Water treatment works
  • Reservoirs
  • Boreholes
  • Gravity sewers
  • Wastewater pumping stations
  • Sewerage rising mains
  • Wastewater treatment works
  • Sludge treatment

Examples for the gas transmission and distribution sector include:

  • Local transmission system pipelines
  • Distribution mains
  • Services
  • Risers
  • Offtake PRS filters
  • Offtake PRS pre-heating
  • Offtake PRS slamshut and regulators
  • Offtake odorant
  • Offtake metering
Asset types

Introducing PIONEER

In keeping with best practice in asset management investment planning PIONEER is designed to provide an integrated modelling environment to implement analysis that is:

  • Focused on the provision of service to customers and the environment
  • Centred on whole life costs and outputs measured by Service Indicators/Measures
  • Risk-based and forward-looking
  • Founded on the principles of the UKWIR Framework for Expenditure Decision Making
  • Able to identify an optimal set of interventions to meet a chosen strategic planning objective
  • Designed to provide better understanding of service risks with and without capital and operational interventions
  • Transparent and suitable for use in any asset-intensive industry.

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