FlowSure, powered by Datective, is more than a simple leakage-detection system. FlowSure is self-learning anomaly detection software that helps to identify and predict network events to enable you to prevent rather than respond to major events.

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What makes FlowSure different?
  • What makes FlowSure different?
  • Self-learning
  • How it works
  • Features

What makes FlowSure different?

FlowSure is an innovative smart alarm system that, unlike other similar systems, learns the acceptable level of tolerance for any given signal. Rather than working to pre-set thresholds, the system teaches itself from pre-installed data what is and is not usual and acceptable within a network’s telemetry data. FlowSure then sets and continuously adapts its own thresholds and reports anomalies against these learnt behaviours.

This means that FlowSure can produce more accurate alarms, enabling maintenance teams to react proactively in a precisely targeted manner and more quickly – reducing costs, avoiding penalties and improving levels of customer satisfaction as an outcome.

What makes FlowSure different?


FlowSure’s self-learning capabilities provides autonomous network management support for your operations, control centre and other key areas of your business. FlowSure uses readily available real-time data and smart algorithms operating in an Artificial Neural Network to automatically identify when a large burst or other significant event is happening, or is about to occur, in your network.


How it works

FlowSure continually monitors the water supply network until it detects abnormal behaviour. It then alerts the appropriate operational control and maintenance teams that a burst or other event is occurring. The configurable user interface provides guidance on the size of the event and maps of the affected area.

The system is initially trained using existing data. As supply network behaviour changes over time, the system is designed to keep itself up to date using the latest telemetry data to learn about these changes automatically. The software can be hosted within company servers, use existing flow and pressure data, and be integrated with existing telemetry systems, including Servelec Technologies’ Scope5 system.

How it works


Designed to support business challenges and in keeping with best practice in network management,


  • features a simple and easy-to-use interface
  • provides seamless integration with telemetry which collates data and raises control room alarms
  • generates improved decision support through a greater understanding of alarms and knowledge of the network
  • avoids catastrophic failures through early intervention
  • prioritises jobs and optimises available resources to ensure the correct person is deployed with the right skills at the appropriate time
  • supports proactive customer service, improving the customer experience and regulatory compliance
  • is expandable and scalable whatever the volume of data or network size.

Introducing Datective FlowSure

Are leaks, bursts, blockages and other events on your water network impacting on the service you provide to your customers? Is this resulting in complaints, penalties and costly maintenance?

FlowSure can help by detecting where and when events are about to occur on your network so that they can be prioritised and resolved before they become a major problem.

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A real-time automated water network control system that optimises operational efficiencies and energy costs.

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