Customer Consumption Monitoring

We can support companies in applying these guidelines for the development, implementation and maintenance of monitors, including:

  • Review of existing monitors against best practice and business objectives
  • Improvement of existing monitors and design of new monitors
  • Sample selection to ensure geographic and socio-demographic representation
  • Processing, storage, validation and analysis of logged flow data to develop consumption estimates
  • Analysis of seasonal and peak consumption
  • Modelling the impact of weather on consumption
  • Design and analysis of customer behaviour surveys
  • Estimating supply pipe leakage from monitor data
  • Reconciling monitor results to billing systems and other data sources

Customer Metering and Tariff Strategies

We can help you with:

  • Selection of metering technology, including smart meters
  • Advanced analysis of meter performance (e.g. under-registration) and replacement strategy
  • Cost-benefit analysis to determine optimal strategy
  • Enhanced validation and analytics of smart meter datasets
  • Analysis of smart meter data to understand seasonality of consumption and night use

Our work has identified a number of ways in which alternative tariffs can support your future demand management. Using a large scale monitor, we were able to demonstrate impacts in a number of areas:

  • Continuous flows, including plumbing losses and supply pipe leakage
  • Seasonality of consumption and night use
  • Dry year peak consumptions
  • Perceived customer service

Economic Leakage Strategy Development

Our research has led on the development of best practice for deriving the leakage cost curves which ultimately determine costs for the active leakage control demand management option to your company.

The outputs of our analysis provide short and long-run sustainable economic levels of leakage, accounting for social and environmental costs.

Our work has included modelling, in detail, the economics of pressure management at DMA level, accounting for reductions in leakage and bursts, and the impact of pressure on customers.

Night Use Estimation and Improved Leakage Targeting

We are currently at the forefront of research to improve estimates of night-time water usage. We can integrate these with minimum night flows to derive your leakage estimates for both operational leakage targeting and water balance reporting.

Our Techniques use modern fast logging equipment and we can provide you with additional insight into the seasonal variation in night use.

Our analysis of fast logging data has improved targeting of leakage reduction activities by enhancing understanding of anomalous areas where measurement is suspect and diagnosing areas where high night flows represent genuine undetected leakage.

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