Consultancy Services

Servelec Technologies can provide a range of business consultancy services. Our experienced team of Technical Directors and Analysts specialise in Asset Management, Leakage & Demand and Network Optimisation consultancy. Located in Reigate in the UK the team has more than 30 years experience working with businesses who work with critical and national infrastructure.  Find out more about the consultancy services we can offer below. 

Asset Management Consultancy

Our team of experienced Business Optimisation Consultants offer a range of consultancy services to assist with Asset Management. Find out more.


Leakage & Demand Consultancy

We can provide business optimisation consultancy services to address Leakage & Demand strategy development, planning, targeting and reconciliation analysis. Find out more

Network Optimisation Consultancy

We provide Network Optimisation consultancy services for water utility companies throughout the UK looking to minimise any network outages and improve efficiencies. Find out more.