Wessex Water Completes 1 Year of Miser Usage

Wessex Water has completed one year of using the MISER automated closed-loop optimal network control system developed by Tynemarch, a part of Servelec Technologies Limited.

Miser continually monitors the whole system, optimising and sending control signals to pumps and valves via the Servelec Scope X telemetry system installed at Wessex Water. Wessex Water control room operators use dedicated Miser web pages to view the historical, current and future planned operation of the system.

Miser (Fictitious data)

Estimates of valuable electricity savings at three key sites during the testing period were approximately 10%. Additionally Wessex Water has benefited from Miser quickly reacting to events and has avoided situations where emergency callouts could previously have been required.

The Tynemarch team is continuing to work with Wessex Water to roll out Miser closed-loop control to its water supply grid ( which is due to be completed in 2017.

For further information see Water & Wastewater Treatment magazine.

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