The average person uses around 179 litres of water per day, so you can only imagine the huge volume of water used by companies with multiple employees. There are a number of ways that your business can combat water leakage and wastage. Here, we've compiled a list of five methods to get you started. 

Organise a water audit

Knowledge is power! A water audit is a key step towards working out what internal changes can be made within a business to reduce water loss. The audit provides visibility of where water is being wasted and where money can be saved. Examining the areas where the most water is used will provide you with information that can offer rapid solutions to your water leakage issues - a simple, but effective, way of monitoring your water network. 

Install sustainable appliances

If it's in the budget, low-flow toilets are a great addition to your business; toilets are responsible for around 90% of your office water use so saving water here will have a huge impact on the amount of wastewater you create. 

Research water recycling systems 

Recycled water is treated wastewater and is more useful than you may think; it can be used over again for the same purpose or as an alternative water supply to your main source. Water recycling not only brings extra resources but financial savings too, so why not give it a try?

Use your Eco settings

Another easy way to conserve water and tackle waste is to use the Eco setting on your office appliances. On average, putting the dishwasher in Eco mode will save you around 3 litres of water per wash. Longer washes mean the water doesn't need to heat up as much and uses less energy - again, saving money as well as the planet!

Carry out preventative maintenance 

As well as Eco settings, preventative maintenance on your appliances can reduce the chances of costly water leaks. You can arrange for an expert to come and perform regular maintenance for you or following simple steps at home can ensure your appliances continue working at optimal performance. Did you know hoovering underneath your fridge can lessen the chance of malfunction and as a result, leaks?

There's a number of ways that you can reduce the amount of water used by your business. Even small changes will see positive results and make your company more environmentally friendly. So, remember to flick your dishwasher to Eco mode and you've already taken a step in the right direction.