Severn Trent Water place substantial order for Upgrades

As part of AMP6 improvements, Severn Trent Water has placed an order with Servelec Technologies for Major Works Control System upgrades including hardware, Scope5/Prism5 software and cyber security for its Water Treatment Works. This significant purchase will see the first of the 18 sites completed during 2016 and the remainder scheduled through to 2018.

The aim of the project is to adopt a new and uniform User Interface across all sites based on the HTML5 standard; improve system cyber security; improve resilience and provide flexible data management and archive capabilities. The completed project will facilitate TOTEX cost reduction and improve management of regulatory Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs).

Scope5 is a flexible Telemetry and/or SCADA system architecture that allows deployment from a simplex single site SCADA through to enterprise wide systems.  The flexibility and modular design allows Scope5 to be quickly adapted to meet new requirements, thereby allowing investment in SCADA and Telemetry to support business growth now and in the future. 

Severn Trent Water has worked with Servelec for over 20 years to provide them with high quality Telemetry and SCADA solutions that deliver tangible benefits, streamline processes and reduce the overall cost of operations.

John Hall, Telemetry and SCADA Sales Director from Servelec Technologies believes this latest order "will see Severn Trent Water using Servelec’s very latest and most up-to-date SCADA solutions at their major water treatment sites for many years to come".  He added that "Servelec Technologies will be implementing the upgrades via Boulting and their ICA Framework with Severn Trent Water. It is hoped that the completed solution will allow closer integration with eSCADA (the Severn Trent Water Regional Telemetry system) and Miser (Optimisation software) that were also supplied by Servelec Technologies".

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