Servelec Technologies & Ultra Electronics, 3eTI Agree Security Partnership

Servelec Technologies, a part of Servelec Group plc, is delighted to announce the signing of a security partnership with US based 3eTI, a member of the Ultra Electronics Group headquartered in the UK.

As a direct result of the ongoing and ever-increasing Cyber challenge these two leaders in their field have entered into a partnership which will play a major part in helping to better secure Critical National Infrastructure. Established software encryption in Servelec Telemetry and SCADA software can now be further enhanced by the certified defense-in-depth hardware security features provided by 3eTI.

The integration between SCOPE-X Telemetry/SCADA from Servelec Technologies and the CyberFence range of products from 3eTI will secure, manage, audit and alert users in real-time to any threats on highly secure remote sites that use common protocols such as DNP3 (WITS) / OPC / Modbus & Ethernet-IP.

This new security partnership provides users with the industry’s most advanced multi-layer protection including encryption, authentication, access control, denial-of-service, protocol validation, deep-packet-inspection (DPI), and intrusion detection / prevention. These protections provide increased reliability and system robustness in the event of both malicious and unintentional cyber-incidents.

Auditing and all alerts are seamlessly integrated into the SCOPE-X Alarm Management System in real-time to ensure that users can react rapidly and effectively as the number of cyber threats increases along with their complexity and sophistication.

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