Servelec Technologies’ Technical Director, Alan Cunningham, will be speaking at the 2018 IWA Waterloss conference in South Africa on 7th to 9th May about FlowSure, Servelec Technologies’ self-learning anomaly detection software and its recent successful implementation by Portsmouth Water.

The 2018 Waterloss conference aims to present and discuss the latest developments in Non-Revenue Water Management best practice and will cover topics from leakage detection, pressure management and performance-based NRW reduction.

Alan Cunningham will highlight  FlowSure’s trial at Portsmouth Water which aimed to determine how anomalies within the water network could be identified more quickly using Artificial Intelligence based software providing smart alarming for leakage to reduce costs, meet regulatory targets and improve customer service. FlowSure was trialled for six months during which time it detected over 320 genuine network events, of which close to 15%  were bursts demonstrating tangible cost savings of significance.

A crucial outcome of the trial was the demonstration that large network events could be prevented  via early pre-emptive detection of changes. In addition to the direct costs of dealing with such events, the network surges and loss of reputation that occur can have long-lasting effects.  Cost savings were also achieved through the reduction in analyst time monitoring the network data, the improved efficiency of leakage detection and reduced costs of lost water.

The period of the trial can be contrasted with adjacent periods when FlowSure was not operational where a number of events occurred on the network that Portsmouth Water were unable to respond to promptly because alarms were not being raised.

FlowSure is Servelec Technologies self-learning anomaly detection system for clean and wastewater networks. The system helps to identify and predict network events to enable prevention, rather than reactive response to major events. FlowSure reduces costs, exceeds regulatory targets, increases the security of supply and helps to improve customer service. To find out more about FlowSure, watch our video below:


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