Servelec Technologies & SURF Telecoms Celebrate Telemetry Replacement Project

On Tuesday 1 December Surf Telecoms (a subsidiary of Western Power Distribution) invited key partners to celebrate the completion and handover of their Telemetry Replacement Project at an event in Taunton. Those in attendance included senior project members from Servelec Technologies, representatives of Stirling Technical Engineering Ltd and key team members from Surf Telecoms.

This launch event provided an ideal opportunity for Alan Stubbs, CEO of Servelec Group, to present Surf Telecoms with a framed certificate recognising the close working relationship that had developed between Servelec Technologies and Surf Telecoms over the course of this major project. Each partner organisation was afforded presentation time to explain their role and contribution to the overall solution.

Surf Telecoms placed the contract for a new system with Servelec Technologies in September 2013 after an initial successful SCOPE-X trial which equipped ten sites with Seprol S225/S500 Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs).

The latest telemetry replacement solution from Servelec Technologies comprises:

  • Additional SCOPE-X user licences
  • PRISM web licences to provide comprehensive object and mimic functionality with creation & editing capabilities
  • Intuition alarm management and ticketing with full audit trail for faults identified and assigned to operatives and manager
  • SCOPE-X Nexus-Micro licences were upgraded to SCOPE-X Nexus to enable support for 2,000 RTUs 
  • 470 new Seprol S2000 RTUs communicating via an IP Network provided by Surf Telecoms with a PSTN/GSM contingency to enable them to work over other networks should the need arise

John Hall, Director of Telemetry & SCADA Sales at Servelec Technologies believes that "the new SCOPE-X SCADA and Remote Telemetry System delivers tangible benefits for Surf Telecoms including the fact that all their sites are now covered by a system which uses their very own IP Network. It is extremely easy to expand in future and employs an industry standard protocol (DNP3) to ensure Surf's investment is protected. This is further enhanced by support and maintenance from Servelec Technologies tailored to SURF's precise requirements."

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