Servelec Technologies shortlisted for ‘Innovative Technology’ Water Industry Achievement Award

Servelec Technologies, the leading provider of end-to-end data collection, control and optimisation solutions, is delighted to have been shortlisted for a Water Industry Achievement Award, in conjunction with our customer Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, in the category of ‘Most Innovative Use of Existing Technology’.

Welsh Water’s application of Servelec Technologies’ FlowSure software to their wastewater network is the subject of the nomination. FlowSure is industry-leading innovative self-learning anomaly detection software that identifies and predicts network events enabling water and wastewater companies to prevent rather than respond to major events. Analysis has shown that FlowSure can avoid 75% of flooding and pollution associated with slow-to-medium rate blockages in monitored areas.

Currently under trial by Welsh Water, FlowSure is proving it can automatically raise alarms to identify genuine blockages on their wastewater network, including those where sewage level rises in dry weather without attaining the ‘high level’ threshold and sewer level monitor failures, while at the same time reducing false alarms.

Automated identification of blockage events and associated response enables early resolution, the avoidance of sewer flooding and the avoidance of pollution that might arise if blockages are not cleared.  Welsh Water, like the majority of UK water and sewerage companies, has a direct financial incentive to reduce sewer flooding and pollution events through the Ofwat Outcome Delivery Incentive mechanism in addition to any associated reduction in compensation payments or fines.

FlowSure is a unique and innovative smart alarm system that, unlike other similar systems, learns the acceptable level of tolerance for any given signal. Rather than working to pre-set thresholds, the system teaches itself from pre-installed data what is and is not usual and acceptable within a network’s telemetry data. FlowSure then sets and continuously adapts its own thresholds and reports anomalies against these learnt behaviours. This means that FlowSure can produce more accurate alarms, enabling maintenance teams to react proactively in a precisely targeted manner and more quickly – reducing costs, avoiding penalties and improving levels of customer satisfaction as an outcome.

FlowSure has been commercially available for clean water networks since 2015 and its performance has been demonstrated in several successful trials by UK water companies. To find out more about what FlowSure can do, please visit the FlowSure section of the Servelec Technologies website, email or call 01306 742772. 

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