Servelec’s business optimisation experts to speak at IWA conference

Three industry experts from Servelec’s business optimisation team will be presenting at the International Water Association New Developments in IT in Water conference starting 2 November as part of the Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) exhibition.

The exhibition, held at the Telford International Centre, Shropshire is an event for companies and individuals who are involved with water, wastewater and environmental monitoring. The event includes over a dozen individual conferences and workshops, providing more than 80 technical seminars focused on applications and case studies from industry specialists.

Alan Cunningham - Demonstrating value in self learning Intelligent event detection systems

2 November, 10am, Room 1

The first of Servelec’s representatives is Alan Cunningham, who will explain how water companies can benefit by using a self-learning intelligent event detection system such as Servelec’s FlowSure platform to detect anomalous events on their network. Alan will describe the successful trials completed by a number of UK water companies which have demonstrated six-figure net savings through using the software. FlowSure helps to identify and predict emerging network issues, enabling water companies to prevent rather than respond to major events and therefore reduce costs and improve customer service.

George Heywood - Applying UK best practice asset management optimisation to the international water sector

2 November 2pm, Room 1

George Heywood is an asset management expert and creator of Servelec’s PIONEER asset management planning software. Following PIONEER’s successful use by UK water companies George will describe how international water companies are benefitting from the experience of UK colleagues. With reference to recent work completed for Sydney Water in Australia as well as Irish Water, George will compare and contrast the international market versus that in the UK with particular emphasis on differing regulatory approaches and stakeholder drivers.

Marcus Fowler – Implementation of an automated system for optimal pump control

3 November, 2pm, Room 2 – SWAN workshop

As part of the Smart Water Networks (SWAN) Forum workshop Marcus Fowler will present a case study of Wessex Water’s use of Servelec’s OptiMISER; real-time, closed loop, water network control system. Wessex Water uses OptiMISER across 18 sites for proactive optimal management of their network. Marcus will explain how the system provides the current and recent state of the network and produces short-term demand forecasts. The case study will also describe how OptiMiser is used by Wessex Water to plan pump and valve operations over a 48-hour period and automatically issue control actions, without the need for operator intervention.

Servelec leads the water industry in the development of software to assist with business optimisation and asset planning. Our focus is on achieving business efficiency for our clients, through the practical application of Applied Systems Analysis techniques to big data challenges. We have provided consultancy support for over 30 years in the areas of operational optimisation, asset management, leakage strategy and demand analysis. To find out more about the SaaS solutions Servelec provides, visit

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