Servelec demonstrates interoperability of its water industry telemetry solutions at WITS Expo

Earlier this week, water industry experts from Servelec Technologies were joined by UK water company representatives and other telemetry vendors at the WITS Expo 2016 at the KingsGate conference centre, Peterborough.

WITS was formed in 2003 with the aim of developing a single telemetry protocol allowing any field device to connect to any master system. Since the WITS-DNP3 protocol was launched some 8,400 outstations have gone into service across five UK water companies. As a WITS-DNP3 founder member, Servelec Technologies was integral to the initial design of the protocol and has taken a leading role in its development.

At the show Servelec demonstrated its interoperable WITS-accredited Seprol S2000 range of RTUs and SCOPE SCADA system alongside telemetry devices from other vendors, which seamlessly interface with the SCOPE master station and Seprol field devices.

Gavin Rawson, Development Manager and Security Officer at Servelec Technologies and member of the WITS Protocol Standards Association Committee (PSAC) jointly-delivered a presentation which announced the exciting development of WITS-IoT. The presentation included a live demonstration, and showed how existing WITS data structures can be carried across common Internet of Things (IoT) web-based technologies. This potentially provides a lightweight WITS protocol for communications with remote and often inaccessible water network assets through wireless, battery-powered remote telemetry units such as the Seprol S2000 Nano to a browser-operated SCOPE WITS master station.

Following his presentation, Gavin added: “The vision of a single, open protocol for UK water telemetry requirements was discussed by water companies and vendors over 13 years ago.  The founding team, including representatives from Servelec had the aim of helping water companies realise greater efficiencies by encouraging co-operation between water companies, engineers and suppliers.

“In 2010, some seven years after the first discussions, the first version of the WITS-DNP3 protocol was released and since then the collaboration between users and suppliers has helped improve resilience, security and versatility of available technology, while reducing risk to water companies and driving innovation among suppliers. This innovation has led us to where we are today; having just announced the next exciting developments in WITS standards. The use of common Internet communication protocols, based on the Internet of Things concept, will allow vendors to build and certify new systems and devices to connect and automate the UK’s diverse water network.”

For more information about Servelec’s WITS-accredited SCOPE SCADA master system and Seprol RTU field devices please visit the Servelec Technologies website or contact our team today at or 01246 437580.

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