An upgrade to Heathrow’s Servelec-designed SCOPE SCADA system has soared into action just weeks after a contract was agreed for Servelec Technologies to provide a support framework for the same system for the next five years. The upgrade includes the provision of SCOPE’s latest web user interface, which provides operators with a clear graphical visualisation of the status of airport-wide automation systems. The user interface facilitates the creation of intuitive graphical and tabular displays and animated object libraries driven by telemetry data, thus providing a holistic view to operators.

Servelec Technologies is proud to have supplied Heathrow with their SCADA system since 1995 and the most recent upgrade is the latest in a long line of developments. Which as a result, ensure operational staff have the tools and critical information needed to control and maintain the diverse range of systems required to keep one of the world’s busiest airports safe and secure.

A significant success of the project was the collaboration between Servelec, Heathrow Engineering, Heathrow IT and Capgemini. For example, while ensuring Heathrow Engineering’s operational requirements were met the project enabled Heathrow IT to enhance the security and resilience of the SCADA system. This involved a complete redevelopment of the structure and operation of the system across all of Heathrow Airport without causing any operational impact. The new system uses the latest technology to provide a safe, secure and robust platform upon which the user interface is based.

About the project, Ray Edwards, Chief Engineer at Heathrow Airport commented: “This project is a great example of collaborative working between Heathrow Airport and long-term partners like Servelec to deliver the seamless service our passengers expect”

The upgraded user interface provides a portal to myriad systems.  To simultaneously monitor and control each of these systems the SCOPE platform handles over 100,000 digital signals and 20,000 analogue values sourced from a network of more than 100 PLC outstations. The SCOPE SCADA system has been 100% available, with the exception of planned maintenance, since the original version was installed over 20 years ago.

The user interface upgrade follows the recent award of a significant contract to Servelec Technologies to continue to provide a technical support and maintenance framework for the system for at least the next five years. Following the successful upgrade and contract award, Neil Butler, Managing Director for Servelec Technologies’ Sheffield office said: “The upgrade and support contract extends what is already a very successful working relationship between Servelec and Heathrow. Our SCOPE platform has always been designed to be scalable and pleasingly our developers and engineers have risen to every challenge presented by our colleagues at Heathrow. As our formal relationship with Heathrow has been secured for the next five years we look forward to continuing to develop the platform to meet their current and future needs.”

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