• 1GHz processor provides the power to do more
  • Peace of mind that your assets are protected with increased cyber security features
  • Immediate on-site access to information via an optional on-board OLED display

Servelec Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its new CP-35 processor module for the advanced Kingfisher Plus RTU platform. Scheduled for production release in July 2018, the new Kingfisher Plus CP-35 processor module is the successor to the popular CP-30 line of processor and communication modules and is packed with improvements and features. For users who have installed the CP-30, the CP-35 is a direct plug replacement meaning projects can be automatically converted with just one click.

1GHz processing speed – The power to do more

The CP-35 includes a high-performance 1GHz processor that offers a major step in processing capability. Supporting the improved processing power is an increase in memory, including 256MB of high reliability ECC memory and 2GB of Flash memory. The result is a Kingfisher Plus RTU platform able to run and store the most challenging of applications.


Increased Security - Protecting your assets

With the CP-35 processor module you can rest assured that your assets and data are protected. The increased security features of the CP-35 processor module, including digital signing of firmware, protect your connected assets from malicious attack, making it harder for hackers to tamper with files. The CP-35 also protects against unauthorised access via enhanced security on a project using Role Based Access.

On-Board OLED display – Direct access to your RTU system

The CP-35 is the first Kingfisher RTU module to include an optional interactive colour OLED panel on the front of the unit. Using the dual five-way controllers, users have direct access to the RTU’s configuration, diagnostics and status information of the hardware, firmware, ports and I/O connected to the RTU. This feature saves time by enabling users to view the system directly, and augments the additional features provided by the webserver and Toolbox Plus

The CP-35’s impressive feature list doesn’t stop there. With the microSD clone feature, you can save all configuration, firmware, logic and events to a microSD card, slotted in the rear of the device. This enables cloning of the site CPU for faster recovery in the unlikely event of a module failure, simply by removing the microSD card and placing it into a new CP-35 unit.

To match the enhancements of the CP-35, the maintenance and configuration tool, Toolbox Plus, will be upgraded to v5 with additional security and functional enhancements ahead of release, including:

  • Projects created with the CP-30 CPU module can be converted to the CP-35 CPU module with one click
  • Up to five versions of firmware and configuration can be independently loaded into the CP-35 and selected via Toolbox Plus for instant switching and fall back
  • Fast download function using SFTP over SSH including automatic recovery from interrupted transmissions
  • Simplified redundancy configuration
  • Remote webserver providing mobile access via any web browser to RTU status, port settings, service reports, ISaGRAF values, recent events, configurations and module data



Processing speed

1GHz 166MHz

Memory Flash

2GB 16MB

Memory RAM

256MB ECC 64MB


Digital signing

Role Based Access

Digital signing




Included on Base board

1 Ethernet

2 Serial


1 Ethernet


Yes No


OLED 96px x 96px LED 16pt

About the launch of the CP-35, Rod Linton, General Manager at Servelec Technologies Australia answered the question of why Servelec Technologies has developed the CP35 processor module: “Servelec Technologies believes that the new CP-35 Processor accentuates the security, resilience and modular philosophies which have defined the Kingfisher brand for over 30 years. The CP-35 processor has an impressive feature set, 1GHz processor speed, 256MB High Reliability ECC RAM and 2GB of Flash memory, allowing users to run and store the most challenging SCADA and telemetry applications. For our users we have also added an easy to use OLED display which saves valuable on site diagnostic and configuration time by allowing engineers to diagnose and access the devices configuration on site.”