We are pleased to announce that a new cellular communication GSM with extended coverage including 12 LTE Bands (4G), 7 UMTS/HSPA+ Bands (3G) and 4 GPRS/EDGE Bands (2G) will be available in the TBox LT2 / TG2 range as a replacement for the 4G modem presently offered*.

What's New?

We are updating our modems on the LT2 and TG2 product ranges.  We will stop shipping all LT2-xxx-4E and TG2-xxx-4E by the end of April 2019. From the 1st April all orders placed will be  replaced by LT2-xxx-4W and TG2-xxx-4W which will have the new, improved  modems included. 


If you have any questions about the modem update please contact your local office which can be found here.

*Worldwide Coverage. Please ask your local dealer for full compatibility in China and USA.