Kingfisher PLUS Development Updates

  • ToolboxPLUS V 6.2.0 includes: added functionality to enable/disable time on remote DNP3 devices, improved de-bugging features, better version control on ISaGRAF and improved stability. More details here.
  • CP-35 Firmware 2.2.0 which includes various bug fixes. More details here.
  • CP-12 Firmware 1.50a which includes support for PS-BP backplane, better diagnostics to reduce downtime, improve resilience and ongoing improvements to resolve bugs. More details here.
  • Toolbox 32 2.11 release which includes improvements to debugging ethernet communication capabilities, stability bug fixes and support for PS-BP power supply. More details here.
  • LP-3 Firmware 1.52f which includes the latest updates to ethernet driver, improving communication performance over ethernet. More details here.
  • Our latest hardware manual is available here.

Product releases and enhancements

Kingfisher RTUs are highly configurable, flexible and modular.

In keeping with this trend, we have developed new backplanes and a new PS_BP power supply board. The PS-BP is a power supply board that can be optionally fitted to the new backplanes to provide regulated 12v and 5v.

The purpose of PS-BP option is to convert passive backplanes into powered backplanes to power RTUs without occupying any of the backplane slots. The PS-BP can be monitored and controlled via application. Details are available at Section 2.5 and Section 3.4 of our hardware manual here.


The Comms option A4 SFP Fibre module is now available; the modular fibre communications card uses SFP form transceivers which means our customers can now use any SFP transceiver on either end. For details, please refer to Section 6.12 of our hardware manual here.

A dual serial Option I2 is available to increase serial communication port density on Kingfisher RTUs. For details, please refer to Section 6.5 of our hardware manual here.

For ordering and commercial details, please contact your local distributor or email us at




Updated CP-35 Demo kits are now available for Kingfisher RTUs. These kits feature a CP-35 processor with T3 and I2 option cards, IO-5, power supply, and a 2 slot backplane (B02-P-E00). Alongside this, they feature unlimited licenced ToolboxPLUS and an IO-3 simulator to exercise IO - all in a storm-proof briefcase.