Latest Kingfisher CP-35 Updates - June 2019

Following the release of the Kingfisher CP-35 in July 2018 we are pleased to inform you of the latest update that will be available from the end of June 2019.

Updates to the CP-35 include:

  • ISaGRAF upgrade to latest Workbench 6.5 to give users access to the new powerful ISaGRAF user interface
  • Security updates include the ability to whitelist IP addresses that can access the RTU and support for HTTPs on the webserver
  • Support for DNP3 Object 0 which enables the SCADA to retrieve device attributes
  • Support for our new Powered backplane
  • Improvements in managing the firmware and configuration versions within the RTU which make it even easier to manage the kingfisher CP-35 based RTU
  • Other changes to improve the ease of use of our configuration tool (enhancements to ToolboxPLUS)

Technical Specification CP-30 & CP-35




Processing speed

1GHz 166MHz

Memory Flash

2GB 16MB

Memory RAM

256MB ECC 64MB


Digital signing

Role Based Access

Digital signing




Included on Base board

1 Ethernet

2 Serial


1 Ethernet


Yes No


OLED 96px x 96px LED 16pt

For more information about the Kingfisher CP-30 & CP-35 please contact your local Servelec Technologies office or contact your local distributor. Details of which can be found here.