The Kingfisher CP-35 just got even more of what you love.

Key features of the latest update include More Resilience, Security, Flexibility.

Find out about the full update as well as how to access the latest TBPlus V6.0.0 package and CP-35 FW 2.0.0 package.


ISaGRAF upgrade to latest Workbench 6.5 to give you access to the new powerful ISaGRAF user interface. Support for DNP3 Object 0 which is a key part of the road-map towards full DNP3 compliance.



The latest Security updates, give you the ability to whitelist IP addresses and support for HTTPs on the webserver.


Upgrades to the firmware and configuration ability of the RTU to make it even easier to manage the Kingfisher CP-35. In addition, enhancements to ToolBoxPLUS make the configuration tool even more user friendly. There will be even more flexibility added to the CP-35, details of which are provided further down this news release.


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Kingfisher CP-35 Platform 

Modular to match your exact needs

  • Expandable at any time – Add to the site without worrying about picking the right model  
  • 1Ghz CPU  - Run projects even faster
  • 256Mb ECC –  High capacity
  • 2G Flash memory – Store all your files, Projects, events, and logs
  • OLED – Easy access to your information without the need for extra tool
  • µSD Clone – makes maintenance of your RTU assets more easy
  • Webserver – see the extra diagnostic and system information, with a generic web interface
  • Operates in ambient temperatures between -40 to +85 oC –  Robust for the harshest of environments
  • High Isolation on all modules
  • High spec Power supplies – 60Watt. Enough to power a full RTU
  • Protocols all built in – NOTHING extra to pay. No licence fees. No limits on number of protocols running
  • Add any number or Ethernet ports
  • Add any number of serial ports.
  • Support for up to 1000 local IO,
  • Addressable range up to 65535
  • Up to 100,000 DNP events
  • Support for up to 4 DNP Masters
  • Unlimited ToolboxPLUS Licence.

Further Updates to look out for in July & August

  • Communication Option Card A4 
    • A Modular Fibre Communication Card using SFP Form Transceivers which enable our customers to use widely available SFP modules
  • Communication option card T4
    • Hardware upgrade to our existing T3 card
  • CP-30 release with additional IEC 60870 slave functionality and watchdog enabled on our I/O modules
  • Powered backplane release to support a full range of input DC supply voltages