FlowSure Pilot for Sutton & East Surrey Water

Sutton & East Surrey Water have just installed a pilot of FlowSure and have already started to analyse their data and raise alarms when required.

FlowSure is an automated online system is based on artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic technology to identify and estimate the size of leaks and burst events in water mains. It has been designed and developed by the Tynemarch Business Optimisation Team of Servelec Technologies.

FlowSure is designed to keep itself up to date by using the latest meter data and by learning about network changes over time to ensure anomalies can be spotted and flagged to the appropriate operational control and maintenance teams.

Daniel Woodworth, Leakage Manager and Jeremy Heath, Network Manager have played an instrumental role for Sutton & East Surrey Water in selecting the FlowSure solution. Daniel has worked closely with both Alan Cunningham and Peter Death from the Tynemarch Team to ensure the pilot could commence swiftly using the vast amount of that data Sutton & East Surrey have collated about their network over the last few months.

The decision to invest in a pilot for the FlowSure solution was simple based on the impressive results of a previous trial with another major UK water company who stated that “our trial has been very successful….a number of genuine leaks had been detected”. They quickly concluded that “in the future tools like this will be the only effective way to manage water supply networks.”

Ensuring the UK’s water utility companies are able to minimise leakage and reduce the number of catastrophic burst events is key to minimising their expenditure and delivering improved customer service levels. FlowSure, along with the Miser & Pioneer solutions from Tynemarch not only deliver a swift return on investment, but also ensure that the year on year cost savings that are demanded by both shareholders and Ofwat are achievable.

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