FlowSure (Datective) : A Journey from Academia to Commercial Success

Servelec Technologies, the leading provider of business optimisation solutions in the UK water industry, has successfully delivered a number of trials of its pioneering FlowSure (Datective) software to UK water companies.  These trials have demonstrated that annual six figure net savings can be realised by use of the software.  More than a simple leakage detection system, FlowSure (Datective) is self-learning anomaly detection software that helps to identify and predict emerging network events to enable companies to prevent rather than respond to major events. 

In the context of the large scale residential floods of summer 2015 and tightening regulatory and public relations demands, UK water companies are under increasing pressure to minimise leakage; in particular to prevent interruptions to the clean water supply taken for granted by households and businesses. FlowSure (Datective) is an innovative software product which predicts anomalies in data to help detect, predict and avoid leakage in the network. This serves to reduce costs of contact handling, compensation and regulatory penalties, meet and exceed regulatory targets and improve customer service levels.

FlowSure (Datective) was initially developed by Servelec Technologies in collaboration with the University of Sheffield. The development phase included a six month offline trial with Wessex Water which successfully detected genuine leaks and monitored network state changes.

A similar pilot scheme with Sutton and East Surrey Water has recently concluded following a blind test on several months’ data from small areas of the network in an offline trial to demonstrate performance. Servelec Technologies’ FlowSure software subsequently monitored flow and pressure signals for a six-month period and delivered accurate reporting and alarms on the data which enabled the company to identify bursts quicker.

Daniel Woodworth, Infrastructure Asset and Leakage Manager at Sutton and East Surrey Water commented; “Our six month trial of Servelec Technologies’ FlowSure software proved highly successful. The system was easy to use, included a user-friendly dashboard interface, the flow alarms met and exceeded our brief and alerted us to anomalies in the data analysed. We consider FlowSure to have a particularly strong capability as an operational tool identifying the emergence of burst events.

With FlowSure poised for trial across the entire Portsmouth Water network in summer 2016, the opportunities for water companies to move to a more proactive standpoint in managing their network are being consistently demonstrated in the positive outcome of these trials.

Alan Cunningham, Technical Director (Network Management: Leakage & Demand) of Servelec Technologies added; “Having taken the FlowSure product from its academic origins through to these successful industry trials, it is truly gratifying to see the value the product is capable of delivering to our customers. The cost benefit analysis based on the feedback from these trials demonstrates that annual six figure net savings can be realised and our clients can communicate a positive message around being proactive in their leakage strategy.  At Servelec Technologies we have a long established history of developing industry leading products and services that deliver financial value and reputational benefits to our customers which is embedded within the development ethos behind FlowSure.”

FlowSure (Datective) was developed by the team at Tynemarch Consulting which became part of Servelec Technologies in 2013. In 2019, Flowsure Business Optimisation Software was renamed Datective. 


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