Servelec Technologies understands the challenges that Water Utility companies face with regards to the announcement made by BT that they are to stop providing support for PSTN services in 2025 and we are here to support your business through these challenges.

What's happening to PSTN?

In May 2018 BT (Openreach) announced that it will be phasing out the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). The aim is that by 2025, these networks will be shut down for good, and will be replaced by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – or simply put, phone service over internet.

What does it mean for UK Water Utility companies?

We’re aware that there is a large install base of Legacy RTU’s, in use today throughout the water industry.  We understand that these Legacy RTU’s are communicating over new and legacy communications networks, such as PSTN, and that they must also communicate to the Telemetry SCADA Top End system. It is therefore critical that any new RTU hardware that is implemented to replace any legacy estate integrate into existing networks and SCADA top end as seamlessly as possible. These products need to be simple to configure, simple to install and commission as well as being suitable for upgrading to accommodate new communications technologies, 4G/5G, IP or others in the future.

How can Servelec Technologies help?

Servelec Technologies can provide a comprehensive roaming algorithm within our WITs range of S2000 RTUs when the Servelec Technologies 4G modem is installed within the RTU and a suitable roaming SIM is available. This is based on the availability of individual network providers and their capability to be able to pass data instead of signal strength.

In the event that a network provider becomes unavailable or the RTU detects that the current network provider is no longer able to pass data, then the RTU will de-assign from the failing network provider and attempt to register with the next provider in the list. Should the RTU fail to register on a particular network provider, the RTU will remove that provider from the list. In the event that network providers have been removed from the list, the RTU will rescan the network at midnight to see what providers are now available.

A preferred network provider may also be configured in an area where a particular provider has better coverage than others or where the “home” provider is cheaper than when roaming providers are in use.

All signal strength and network information is provided by the RTU so that it can be transfer to the Telemetry system.

Proven Expertise.

Servelec Technologies is working with customers in the water sector on a programme of replacing legacy RTU’s. In collaboration with key Stakeholders, Servelec technologies developed a solution that allowed replacing the legacy RTU with a WITS approved S2000 RTU, mounted on a back plate that kept the same foot print, as well as developing wiring looms that meant original field wiring could be kept in place. This meant that replacing legacy for new RTU’s was quick and efficient. Servelec Technologies also converted the legacy software to the new software meaning the RTU could be delivered to site preconfigured.

We're here to support you. 

Servelec Technologies is a major Supplier of Telemetry Solutions to the UK Water Industry. These solutions include Telemetry Outstations, Telemetry SCADA Software and Business Optimisation software.  If you’re concerned about the changes to PSTN and what it means for your business, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to discuss how we could work with you to overcome the challenges. 

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