The Malaysian government aims to have 99% of its population served by clean and treated water by 2020. In achieving this vision, the Malaysian government set the following objectives:

  • Everyone will have access to safe, adequate and affordable water supply, hygiene and sanitation.
  • The provision of sufficient water will ensure national food security and promote rural development.
  • There will be provision of sufficient water to spur and sustain economic growth within the context of a knowledge-based economy and e-commerce.
  • The water environment will be protected to preserve water resources (both surface water and groundwater) and natural flow regimes, bio-diversity and the cultural heritage, along with mitigation of water-related hazards.

Servelec Technologies is a company at the forefront of helping water and wastewater suppliers, authorities and governments around the world improve the security of water supply and reduce operating costs. From data collection from remote assets through to enterprise SCADA platforms and automated network optimisation software, Servelec Technologies is able to provide the end-to-end products for developing truly smart water networks.

The Malaysian Water Partnership, tasked with putting a plan in place to achieve the above objectives, is focused on:

  • Development of innovative technologies
  • Efficient use of water resources
  • A shift from water-supply to water-demand management
  • Integrated water resources management
  • Resource assessment, monitoring and protection

Achieving the vision of the Malaysian government is made all the more challenging by a changing water supply in the country from one of relative abundance, to one of scarcity due to population growth, urbanisation, industrialisation and the expansion of agriculture requiring irrigation. Water shortages are made worse in Malaysia by high level of water losses due to poor infrastructure.


Where Servelec Technologies can help:

Data collection

Servelec Technologies’ suite of TBox remote telemetry units provides a secure, proven and reliable solution for collecting data from and controlling geographically dispersed assets in remote environments for applications such as water distribution, pump transfer, tank monitoring and control and recycling, plus many more.

TBox LT2

The powerful self-contained TBox LT2 integrates advanced automation, web server, alarm notification, data logging with Ethernet and wireless communications in a…


The TBox MS is a market leading modular remote control and automation solution that provides real-time remote access and control of your assets, using the lates…

TBox Nano

The TBox Nano is a ultra-low power, self-contained, battery operated data logger, RTU and machine-to-machine (M2M) transmitter.

Feature rich enterprise SCADA and telemetry

Servelec Technologies’ scalable SCOPE SCADA platform collects and adds value to water authorities’ asset performance data by integrating with other sources of information, providing a holistic view of operations in real-time. SCOPE’s availability, resilience and market-leading security is why it is used to monitor and control assets from single pumps to network-wide systems. Read more…


Network optimisation

Servelec Technologies’ suite of business optimisation SaaS solutions is breaking new ground globally for water companies. They include:


Servelec Technologies’ network management advisory software enables water suppliers to monitor the way they manage the yield from surface and groundwater sources and make changes to ensure they are operating their network in the most efficient way. Read more…


OptiMISER is an automated water network control system that is proven to reduce operating costs and improve the security of water supply. It does so by continuously reviewing your networks data and automatically controls pumps and valves to ensure water is transferred from source to consumer in the most efficient way. Read more…


Servelec Technologies’ market-leading asset management software PIONEER is used to optimise mains renewals programmes to improve cost-effectiveness and reduce the occurrence of disruptive failures. Read more…


FlowSure is an intelligent self-learning event detection programme that is proven to reduce leakage and disruptions. Using existing network data, FlowSure predicts leaks and blockages, pinpoints event locations, reduces costs and improves customer service. Read more…

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