Our world-class end-to-end hardware and software products and systems save water and wastewater companies time and money by simplifying automation tasks and exploiting data in real-time. We are the leading global provider of truly end-to-end systems for the water industry including our own range of remote telemetry units (RTUs) for data acquisition, scalable SCADA platform SCOPE and suite of optimisation SaaS solutions which are breaking new ground for water companies globally.

Data harvesting and analytics

Our suite of business optimisation SaaS solutions is breaking new ground globally for water companies. Included in our suite is automated network event detection, network management and advisory and market-leading asset management software. Our software solutions are proven to help reduce costs for water companies, increase security of supply and improve customer service. Read more…

Our products provide you with continuous monitoring and control of your asset estate. Optimum reliability is achieved through robust software design, utilising high levels of redundancy supported by low maintenance needs. Our products allow you to capture the important information within your company to fulfil regulatory requirements and KPIs to meet your customers’ demands.

Benefits of Servelec Technologies end-to-end water solution include:

  • Reducing the number of potential pollution incidents and sewer flooding of homes.
  • Asset Intervention providing the ability to carry out remote resets reducing the number of call outs and therefore reducing reactive costs.
  • Work and asset management integration to improve asset investment, support capital delivery and strategic planning.
  • GIS integration to provide visualisation of DMA zones against operational information.
  • Moving to proactive operations via targeted operations and maintenance.
  • Targeting Leakage reduction through quality data presentation and dissemination.

Users throughout your company can access targeted real time data that meets their business needs helping them make accurate, and informed decisions. Thus providing you the ability to ensure quality and cost efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Data acquisition and communication


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Featured applications

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