We currently deliver numerous solutions to the global rail industry. We can offer you a wide range of tried and tested products and systems.

Our rail and track solutions include:

  • Power distribution monitoring and control.
  • Remote signalling sub systems.
  • Point and Crossing monitoring.
  • Track and Station condition monitoring.
  • Passenger Information systems.
  • Train/track location system monitoring and control.
  • Point heating condition monitoring and control.
  • Wayside monitoring.
  • Driverless train early warning systems

Featured Appliations

Railway Heating Systems

TBox RTUs products are currently used in many installations to monitor and automate railway heating systems that prevent build-up of ice and snow.

National Railway Company of Belgium

The National Railway Company of Belgium required a reliable method of collecting operational data from each of its switching facilities to monitor their status …

Control Switch Point Heaters for Swiss Railway

In each railway station, automation is performed by a TBox remote terminal unit (RTU) located in a control cabinet and in Zürich railway station, more than 8,00…

Servelec Technologies' Remote Telemetry Units are also currently used in the following applications:

  • SNCB, Belgium
    Tele-signalling of the TGV express train line.
  • SNCF, Paris, France
    Fast data-logging with alarming of servo-engines for railways.
  • T.E.C, Belgium
    Telecontrol of subway video cameras.
  • S.B.B, Switzerland
    Remote-control of heated switch points for the national Swiss railway
  • Infrabel, Belgium
    Integrated diagnostics and monitoring of the signalling equipment and infrastructure on Belgian Railways.


Combining alarm notification, data logging, integral web server, IP telemetry, and programmable automation in a single, rugged package. TBox uniquely supports a broad range of core functionality.

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