We can help you to understand and manage the status, usage and efficiency of an increasing range of your fixed and mobile assets around the world.

Our RTU’s and Software Products can help you be more productive, secure, energy efficient and cost efficient with:

  • Integration of wide ranging assets into SCADA and BMS systems.
  • Substation and power system automation.
  • Standby generation.
  • Building services.
  • Security systems.
  • IT asset integration and data centres.
  • Gas and Water supply usage.
  • Total energy management.
  • Bulk material storage.
  • Refrigeration and HVAC.
  • Mobile asset and machinery status and GPS location.
  • Status and GPS location of high value equipment on hire.
  • M2M Gateway with cyber security to ‘Smart’ devices.
  • Statutory requirements for effluent output and storage.
  • Remote monitoring, alarms & control via SCADA, Cloud systems, Web access, Smart Phone, SMS or email.
  • Customised calculations for specific requirements.
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Data acquisition and provision to high level systems.
  • Surveillance and security including IP cameras, and remote staff alerts.
  • Street lighting.
  • Sports ground lighting.


Combining alarm notification, data logging, integral web server, IP telemetry, and programmable automation in a single, rugged package. TBox uniquely supports a broad range of core functionality.

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