Ovarro provides highly configurable intelligent monitoring and automation technologies solutions for communications and broadcast applications. Our software and hardware systems are engineered to provide you with immediate notification of alarms and other live conditions, which help to reduce downtime and enable more efficient preventative maintenance scheduling.

Through our market-leading range of remote telemetry units and SCOPE SCADA platform we can provide monitoring solutions for the following:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency Services radio (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
  • Mining communication services

Applications include:

  • National and regional Radio, Digital & Analogue Television, Satellite
  • Terrestrial microwave relay links in telecommunications networks
  • Remote control of transmitter changeover
  • Antenna tower monitoring
  • Aircraft warning light monitoring
  • Mains power monitoring including voltage, current, phase and frequency
  • Monitoring of primary and backup generator
  • Generator fuel level monitoring
  • Battery voltage, temperature and charge/discharge monitoring
  • Broadcast and transmission facility monitoring including temperature, humidity, lighting, HVAC system status, smoke/fire alarms
  • Automation of HVAC and lighting systems
  • Security monitoring and control including intrusion detection, motion detection, IP video, and access control
  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS) monitoring
  • Fibre/Fibre Optic Relay & Repeater Stations
  • Environmental control & monitoring
  • Security

Responsibility for maintaining the nation’s flagship TV and radio system is no mean feat but since 1994, Servelec has consistently proved we’re more than up to the task.  Servelec has been monitoring and controlling radio and TV transmitters since 1994 – originally for the BBC’s in-house engineering team and subsequently for Arqiva which acquired the network in 2004. Servelec’s SCOPE system controls the nation’s transmitters and the data which is processed through the control room across the BBC’s UK television network the BBC World Service, UK digital radio and ITV

Did you know?

Servelec maintains its control and monitoring equipment in some of the world’s most remote areas, including on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.