Our range of bespoke products and systems have the ability to deliver full end-to-end solutions including Business Optimisation, SCADA Software and Business Consultancy Services. Whether your assets are mobile or fixed we can offer your sector some great data gathering and monitoring options.

Market Sectors

Water & Wastewater

Servelec Technologies currently operates throughout the entire water and wastewater industry.

Oil & Gas

We understand that as an oil and gas company you require robust, reliable measurement and control products.


Servelec Technologies can help you with your fixed assets within the Transport sector.

Communications & Broadcast

Rugged, reliable technology is essential in your installations which are often in unmanned, remote or inaccessible.

Energy & Distribution

Our RTU’s provide you with reliable data collection, control, and management solutions for your most critical applications.

Industry & Facility Monitoring

Servelec Technologies can manage your fixed, mobile or remote assets more efficiently.

Environment & Climate

Servelec Technologies RTU’s provide you with reliable, timely and accurate environmental data.

Agriculture & Irrigation

Agriculture is vital to the world’s economy. That is why our products and systems have been developed to enable greater productivity, energy and cost efficienci…

Built Environment

Servelec Technologies Remote Telemetry Units (RTU’s) provide great control of your energy, building and facility management systems.

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Our RTU’s can remotely monitor and manage Inventory Management of chemicals, liquids and gases offering you greater efficiency.

Mining & Mineral Exploitation

Servelec Technologies can offer you data collection, control, and management solutions for your most critical applications.

Financial Services

If your organisation operates a network of ATMs our remote telemetry units can help you optimise ATM up-time and to minimise servicing costs when technical issu…

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Servelec Technologies is developing platforms to securely harness, channel and utilise IIoT data as part of a smart network.