For more than 75 years, Distrigas of Belgium has supplied natural gas to industries, resellers, and electricity producers.  With its export base in Belgium, the company occupies a strategic position at the hub of Europe's gas networks. As the leading gas provider in Belgium, Distrigas supplies natural gas to public and major industrial consumers and also plays an active role in international gas transit.


The project

Since beginning gas distribution in the 1960s, Distrigas has used the latest and most accurate measurement systems for counting gas volume.  A project was launched to register and control its meters automatically and transmit the data to a central computer system. After a thorough investigation of available solutions, Distrigas chose the TBox advanced telemetry system.


The solution

Wherever Distrigas needs information on gas volume, a TBox system is connected to the existing meter, to a turbine giving pulses, and a pressure and temperature transducer for the calibration. Today more than 550 TBox outstations are remotely connected to a central computer using PSTN communication.

The benefits

Servelec’s TBox is providing Distrigas with a wide range of benefits: 

  • Real-time information on consumption and distribution
  • Automatic alarming on pressure drops
  • Remote control of the gas meter
  • Automatic invoicing of real consumption
  • Interventions are reduced to a minimum



TBox combines alarm notification, data logging, integral web serverm IP telemetry, and programmable automation in a single rugged package. TBox uniquely supports a broad range of core functionality. Learn more about TBox today. Click here.