Surf Telecoms (A subsidiary of Western Power Distribution) contracted Servelec Technologies to replace their Schneider based Telemetry Monitoring System with our latest SCOPE suite of software. The main order was placed after a very successful trial incorporating 10 Sites with our Seprol outstations.

Key Points:

  • The proposed solution is based on the previously supplied trial SCOPE Nexus Duty / Standby Server System which is running on Dell hardware running a Linux OS. These servers are geographically split between Taunton and Taunton (Main).
  • The Network Management Control (NMC) operations centres are also located in Taunton & Tipton. They are connected via existing Surf Telecom IP & VPN connections.
  • Additional clients and Prism Web licences were supplied and the system upgraded to a capacity of 240 users.
  • The system utilises our Intuition Alarm Management and Ticketing package that will allow faults to be assigned and tracked to relevant operatives and managers.

SCOPE & Seprol RTUs selected by Surf Telecoms in replacement programme


  • The existing SCOPE Nexus-Micro licences were upgraded to SCOPE Nexus such that RTU support is increased from 256 to 2,000 RTUs.
  • The System can be further upgraded to expand further up to a maximum of 9,999 RTUs on any one server and up to 255 servers in an Enterprise solution.
  • The Telemetry System will communicate with existing 10 off Seprol S500 RTUs and 470 new Seprol S2000 RTUs.
  • The RTUs communicate with the SCOPE via an IP network provided by Surf Telecom and will be supplied with PSTN/GSM fall-back to work over a BT network supplied by others.

The system has been installed for many months now and Servelec Technologies continue to add new sites on a daily basis.

SCOPE Telemetry & SCADA

A feature rich Telemetry and SCADA product that is scalable from small plant control installations to the management of an entire organisation's control systems. Click here to learn more about the SCOPE range.

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