Network Manager

National Grid Transco is responsible for Great Britain's national gas transmission system and 126,000km of distribution pipes, delivering gas safely, reliably and efficiently to millions of homes, offices and factories.

NGTs Vision

To improve its already safe and reliable service, NGT launched the Integrated Gas Management (iGMS) project, a multi-million pound technology upgrade of the control system that manages the physical and commercial distribution of gas.

As a key component of iGMS, the Network Manager provides operations and management staff with high visibility of the gas transmission network with responsibility for monitoring and controlling NGT’s physical gas network, in real-time.

The Solution

Servelec Technologies was awarded the contract to supply and implement the Network Manager using their established Telemetry and SCADA suite of software, SCOPE with a web based User Interface and persistent 13 month data stores within a closely coupled Oracle relational database.

The data transfer into Oracle is in real-time and is designed specifically to meet the high volume, high performance requirements of the Network Manager. The Network Manager gathers data in real-time from area gas management systems, or by scanning remote telemetry units (RTUs) directly. Feature rich pictures with comprehensive navigation provided through the use of hyperlinks, maps and fast search facility to schematic and summary tabular displays, give clear and concise data presentation.

The Network Manager also delivers telemetered information to other business applications to support forecasting of gas supply and demand, energy management and billing.

The Network Manager provides a centralised facility for alarm and event management, and by the timely allocation of alarms and information, provides safe and correct operation of the gas transmission network.

The Network Manager provides a high availability, fully resilient system, distributed between the primary data centre at Hinckley and the backup data centre at Leicester. Supported by three hot standbys, the automatic fast failover guarantees no loss of operationally critical information.

Features & Benefits


  • Data gathering from 400 telemetry outstations
  • Management of alarms from all iGMS systems
  • 13 month rolling store for telemetered data
  • Full audit trail of user actions and comprehensive reporting facilities
  • Utilities to monitor, control and administer the telemetry network and RTUs
  • Gas compressor performance optimisation tools
  • Real-time evaluation of complex calculations using a powerful calculation engine
  • Web based picture creation and editing with full picture version control
  • Operational reports
  • Real-time data transfer between external iGMS systems through message integration technologies
  • Sequential pictorial replay functionality allows the user to review incidents


  • Safe and efficient transportation of gas, ensured through the comprehensive and intuitive browser based user interface
  • Web browser based, providing secure access from anywhere
  • Single source of information, ensuring consistency and integrity throughout the process
  • Improved accuracy in supply and demand forecasting through incorporation of SCADA data into back office applications, delivered in real-time
  • Centralised alarm management across all areas
  • Process refinement by retrospective analysis of events using the audit trails and incident replay


System integration is key to the success of iGMS ... the whole design philosophy is founded on data centricity with information sourced from its logical owner. Information exchange is on demand, making replication unnecessary and ensuring that any item of information is maintained accurately and displayed consistently for its lifetime.

SCOPE Telemetry & SCADA

The SCOPE family of products for Telemetry and SCADA provide continuous monitoring and control of your asset estate. Optimum reliability is achieved through robust software design, utilising high levels of redundancy supported by low maintenance needs. Click here to find out more about SCOPE and SCADA today.

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