When the Ventura River County Water District in Ojai, California required a new SCADA system, the solution was an ATSI Intelligent SCADA system utilising Servelec Kingfisher RTUs.

The system was designed with distributed control architecture to provide “fail-safe” operation and to minimise the impact of single and multiple component failures during system operation. The SCADA computer is updated with data to accurately display field conditions, while also allowing operators to transmit new set-points to the field RTUs. In addition, the computer is no longer a critical piece of system operation.


PC-programmable radio modems (2-watt UHF, 9600 bit/sec) transmit data in a peer-to-peer network across the system. The configuration of the radio network is accomplished in ATSI SCADA RTUs. Operationally the SCADA system automatically controls and monitors the following parameters:

  • Reservoir levels and level trending
  • Well water levels
  • Well/booster flow and total
  • Booster/well call (start/stop)
  • Booster/well status (running/off/fail)
  • Booster/well run time and number starts
  • RTU communications status
  • RTU back-up battery status
  • Power status
  • Real-time and historical trending
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“Our ATSI SCADA system cost $55,000 to install, and in the first year alone, we saved $42,000 in energy costs. Time of Use pumping operation has saved thousands of dollars during the peak energy billing periods of summer.”

Ventura River County Water District;

System alarms are uniquely handled

Not wanting a computer to have the ultimate destiny in the dispatch of very necessary system alarms, the customer elected to use the ATSI RTU alphanumeric paging functions built into the RTU/FEP firmware. If computer operation is halted for any reason, the ATSI front-end processor RTU still sends the alarm information to field maintenance personnel via alphanumeric paging. This has proven to be highly reliable and effective in the transmitting of alarms.

Reports are generated automatically based upon data collected from field devices. This provides the necessary information for compliance with local, state, and federal agency reporting requirements. In addition to being stored on the hard disk drive, data is also exported to a 100 megabyte drive for archival storage. The SCADA system features 'Remote Access' for remote viewing of system display screens as well as remote access to the ladder logic running in field Kingfisher RTUs. Any RTU may have its logic checked or changed over radio links, even from remote locations.


The Kingfisher RTU platform features an embedded programming environment, an enhanced DNP3 protocol suite, security platform, complete array of communications networks and advanced functionality including redundancy. Click here to learn more.

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