The UK Met Office, a world leading provider of weather and climate services, currently operates a network of manual, automatic and semi-automatic meteorological observing sites at locations in the United Kingdom and overseas. The SCOPE-based Meteorological Monitoring System (MMS) created by Servelec Technologies for the Met Office provides a fully scalable, flexible, expandable system for weather monitoring and observation solution.

The MMS is a telemetry system which can gather data from hundreds of geographically widespread sites then store and process this information as required. The Servelec-designed MMS replaced multiple legacy systems and enables the collection of minute-by-minute frequency data from meteorological sensors for analysis at the Met Office headquarters in Exeter. It delivers improved data quality, enhancing the scientific integrity of the observed data, whilst maintaining a long-term meteorological information source, which is invaluable to support long-term forecasts.

The system provides:

• Extendable cluster technology currently supporting over 500 sites
• Central data processing and analysis in a flexible and manageable way
• Accurate, valuable long-term meteorological information
• Improved scientific integrity
• Frequent data sampling, additional data from existing sensors, or the addition of new sensors
• Versatile and scalable observing infrastructure
• Reduced maintenance and operational costs
• Reduced technical risks
• Data delivery to a modularised central processing system
• A more efficient management and support structure
• Flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs (such as reporting frequency, data quality or new measurement types)

The SCOPE-based system maintains observation standards and services, while remaining flexible and versatile in order to support scalable observing infrastructures. Its specialised
functionality provides the ability to automatically produce and disseminate World Meteorological Organization (WMO) defined observations in Binary Universal Form (BUFR) format.

SCOPE is Servelec Technologies well established telemetry and SCADA application suite, which implements a fully redundant duplicated real-time database and seamlessly integrates with an Oracle long-term historic database and flexible data interfaces.

SCOPE is scalable by design and the Met Office’s Meteorological Monitoring System is no different. It is used to monitor a few sites for smaller scale applications through to enterprise country-wide networks of Automatic Weather
Stations (AWS) providing comprehensive weather monitoring. Utilising a modularised central processing system, SCOPE is able to adapt to changing customer needs, new measurement techniques and reporting demands ensuring the Met Office stays one-step ahead of changing weather patterns.

SCOPE is a family of products that meets current and future requirements for SCADA and telemetry systems. SCOPE provides non-stop monitoring and utilises high levels of redundancy, reliability and robust software design to offer high availability and low maintenance requirements. The realtime integration of data into management information systems allows users through the business to access data for making informed and independent decisions. Flexible system architectures meet the requirements of a range of applications, from a simplex single site SCADA to enterprise-wide systems.

The client application is browser-based and provides a fully functional user interface supplying the tools and utilities necessary to configure, maintain and operate the system.
SCOPE is widely used in the utility sectors and
in some more specialised sectors for wide area

Servelec Technologies current list of blue chip users of SCOPE includes Heathrow Airport, Tata Steel, Severn Trent Water, Welsh Water, Southern Water, Wessex Water, Trinity House and The Environment Agency.


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